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DIABLO III (3) is coming! GOOD BYE social life!!!

Good bye social life! Hello intrawebzZZ! Blizzard announced Diablo III.... what is that?

Well Diablo is just seriously like one of the greatest games evaRz! lulZ! no really tho... im not really like a super crazy gamer.. ok fine just a little.. i mean i play certain games here and there.. but diablo.. damnn lets take it back real quick rite now... diablo 2 was TEH PWN33ZORRSS! zomg! i cant wait for DIABLO 3... im sure every fan boy on the intrawebz already made a post on this.. so ima keep it sweet and short.. here are just a little bit of specs... and here are some videozzz.. EEXXXPLOOSSIONNNNNN!! (lools and shoutout to the SOREAL CREW!)

General Features

* Five powerful character classes to choose from, including the barbarian and witch doctor
* Brand-new 3D graphics engine enhanced with spectacular visual effects and Havok physics
* Numerous indoor and outdoor areas detailing new regions in the world of Sanctuary
* Interactive environments with dangerous traps and obstacles, and destructible elements
* Randomly generated worlds bolstered by scripted events for endless and dynamic gameplay
* Vast assortment of fiendish monsters, with unique attack patterns and behaviors
* New quest system and character-customization options for the ultimate action RPG experience
* Multiplayer functionality over with support for cooperative and competitive play


Love That Girl

I'm an oldies-but-goodies kinda gal so when I heard about Raphael Saadiq's upcoming album I was thrilled. I have yet to find out a projected release date, but came across one of his new joints the other day-- a feel-good-summer-sunday-evening JAM. Ooh, I can't wait for the new album!


The GAME x WENDY WILLIAMS : "Im the big spoon!"

Ok So ive been meaning to make a post about this for a minute. a few weeks ago THE GAME, was on the Wendy Williams Experience and just letting it all hang out. (NO HOMO)  well me and mike probably spend every other day fighting and discussing about the current state of hip hop and how we are either just bored with it, tired of it, or dont give a damn.

and after listening to The Game on the show it had me thinking again.. wow these dudes are seriously just some regular people... now hold up.. yea i know duhh right.. but not really because i guess im always expecting to be entertained by rappers and hip hop that i forget that in the end of the day they just some regular ol people... and no one else made me remember that faster than the game... click to see why...

Well first of all the game was just putting it all out there, from sex, to beef, to just hanging out, i mean he was really on the show letting it all hang out (no homo). and i respect him for that...

well its no secret that GAME is beefing with 50 cent, does he care that people know... nope.. he even tells them where they can see him if they have a problem, now dude is straight wild for that.. haha.. but hey.. what can you do in the end of the day.. he even had some choice words for DR DRE. and when WENDY and co. brought up accusations of DR DRE being gay, GAME neither confirmed nor DENIED IT... saying stuff like "IM NOT SURE" and "HEY IF THATS WHAT THEY DO" hahahahahah... wow...

well like mentioned before its been known that THE GAME just plays regular pick up basketball games from VENICE to LA ( now i didnt realize that the game was like 6"5" 220 or something) and he doesnt roll all crazy deep with an entourage of like 20 if you wanna see the game chilling just find the court he at and you can prolly either get stuffed by game (no homo) or pull some redic fadaway 3 pointer on him

now what made me really wanna post about this was when dude was talking about how he has a new girlfriend and wendy williams asked him if he SPOONED... now at first THE GAME was like "wtf is spooning???"... and then when WENDY explained it all to him, he was like "OHHH FUCK YEA" "HELL YEA A NIGGA SPOONS, IM THE BIG SPOON TOO"

well with a comment like that and being 6ft + and 200lbs + i really hope you are the big spoon

feel free to leave a comment and tell me ...which SPOON ARE YOU??? THE BIG ONE? OR THE SMALL ONE???


Just a Thought: War Funding

The house passed a $162 Billion military spending bill last week. Way to go dems, so scared of reelection, you won't stand up for what you believe. Yes I think we should keep our troops safe, I just think the best way to keep them safe is to bring them home...

Wonder what that money could do for us regarding renewable energy? Using the conversions found here and some back of the envelope calcs, here's what $162 Billion could do for us:

$162 Billion dollars could build us enough solar plants to produce 11.34 Gigawatts per year. 11.34 Gigawatts is enough energy to power roughly 2,835,000 homes for a year, about the population of the San Diego metro area, that's the equivalent of 20,723,850 barrels oil.

This would mean that the money that we spend on securing the oil fields of Iraq would take a large city in America off the energy grid and save over 20 million barrels of oil per year. Not only would it be good for the environment but it would also lessen the control the events in the middle east and other oil producing countries have on our quality of life.

Just a Thought


Girl Talk, Feed the Animals

What will people be willing to pay for an album of songs that are created from samples of other songs? Girl Talk AKA Gregg Gillis is out with a new mashup album, available in pay-what-you-want format here.

Regardless of what people may think about the “originality” of remixes, or the potential legal issues associated with sampling/mashups etc, I must say that Feed the Animals is one fun party album. Each track is a creative, seamless flurry of samples from past and current hits, guilty pleasures and other surprising hidden gems (e.g. Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” played over Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge” guitar riff?)… I’ve listened to this album straight through about 3 times today just trying to pick out songs I recognize. It's that entertaining to me. So props to Girl Talk—Feed the Animals is like Ritalin for my musical A.D.D.


The Classics Reshot Through Legos

Mike Stimpson, a software engineer out of the U.K., has quite a gift for Macro photography, especially involving Legos. His most interesting project is one in which he has recreated some well known, classic photographs using Legos. Everything from WWII photos, to Vietnam protest photos, to classic photos of American life. Take a look at his stuff, some of the work he did with the photos is remarkable, although the smiles on the Lego men's faces seem somewhat inappropriate and eerie for some of the situations.


It's Coming.....Planet Green

The Discovery Channel recently announced the beginning of a new channel they will be starting called Planet Green. The Discovery Channel said the channel “will provide entertaining, authentic and quality information for such categories as eco-design, organic food and green architecture.”

My hope is that they are able to stick with their mission that they don't cop out the cheesy reality shows like "turn my house green!" or something of that nature. Although I don't take the time to watch much TV, I am glad that something like this is coming out and I hope it catches on. I just hope that the way in which they run their offices and production is as green as their channel is promising to be.

In preparation they have released a couple of hilarious ads (my favorite being the last two):


Tomatos: The New "Made in China"/Spinach/Mad Cow Disease....

As officials try to pinpoint the origin of a massive salmonella outbreak in tomatos, everyone is warning to stay away from all types of tomatos except cherry, grape, homegrown, and cooked tomatos, as well as tomatos with the stem left in.

To be honest, I have not been cognitive of what I eat lately due to working on the road and not having as much control of the food I put in my body but I do notice "we are not selling anything with tomatos in it" signs at many of the places I go. This is all very reminiscent of the E. coli infected spinach from two years ago and the crazy cows that seem to pop up every once in a while. I didn't let these affect me too much in the past and I won't let them affect me now, but then, I shop a little different than most people.

As population grows and the demand of food has gone up, the markets are dominated by giant, international corporations with many levels and many suppliers of their produce. The more extensive and complex a supply chain becomes (usually to cut cost), the harder it is to enforce quality control, and hold people accountable for their products. This is apparent whenever there is lead paint found in children's toys. Who do you blame? I personally think the company is to blame, know your product, be responsible for it. The companies of course will blame the people who assembled it, who will blame the people who made the parts, who will blame the......see where I am going with this? Atleast with a man-made product, you usually have some sort of trail of documentation to follow, but finding a farm in a country the size of the U.S.? We are spending a pretty penny to find that one out I can only imagine.

The main problem with buying produce from a big chain is when I go and buy a Washington Apple, I don't know whether it came from Farmer John or Philip Morris. There's no accountability for the food you purchase from you local major chain. Don't get me wrong, I buy food from these places when I have to but I usually search for an alternative.

What's the alternative? One of the things I enjoy most about the

weekends is wandering the local farmer's market. Besides the relaxation of strolling through the market and seeing a whole bunch of people out and enjoying life, I also get to do my week's shopping. I am fortunate to live in a city that has great local produce. When I pick up an apple from a stall at the Farmer's Market, I get to look at the person who is in charge of the farm and talk with them, whether it is about the nice weather or his or her farm. I don't know how much more accountable you can get. If I got food poisoning from something I ate, I would know exactly who to go to (although I highly doubt it would happen). Not only is it good for your health, it's good for the environment. By buying local and buying what is in season, you are not paying to ship something half way around the world, just so you can eat it in the off season.

If you are too busy to make it to the farmer's market, I would suggest joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. You sign up for food (they have different sized packages) to be delivered or for pick-up (depending on the program) on a regular basis. Again, you know exactly where the food is grown, it changes seasonally (a good challenge for aspiring cooks), and it provides high quality food to your table with little effort from you.

So let me guess, food is too expensive at the farmer's market? It is true that the farmer's market can be more expensive than big chains but the cost is marginal in the long run. With gas prices going up, the cost of transportation will increase at a much higher rate for food that travels longer distances, we might start to see farmer's market's get even more competitive. Besides, why don't you skip on the frappacinnos and start brewing some organic coffee at home or riding your bike or walking more places? If you choose to cook more often, you will make up the extra cost in the money you're saving by staying at home to eat.

"But the food doesn't look as nice!" While the food at the farmer's market won't shine in bright lights, it also won't fill your body with the waxes, pesticides, and chemicals sprayed on the food, do you really want to be eating all that? Besides, from my experiences over the years, farmer's market produce proves to be much more flavorful and enjoyable. Don't believe me? Walk down the isles and take some free samples, I bet you forgot what fruit tastes like.

Don't know where to start? Why don't you check out Local Harvest or use trusty old Google. If you live in a big city, you are BOUND to have a Farmer's Market or CSA near you. At least try it out for a little bit, if you don't like it, you are no worse off.


LIL WAYNE X The Carter 3 : A Millli SOLD 1st week!

Ima Millionaire,
Im a Young Money Millie in aire, tougher than Nigerian hair...

Just when i thought it couldn't be done..Lil Wayne's release of Tha Carter 3 hit Platinum!(actually 1,005,545 units to be exact according to Soundscan numbers) For rap/hip hop artists thats huge. 1st week Platinum for hip hop/rap artists hasn't been archived since 50 Cent's release of "The Massacre". Check out Lil Wayne thanking everyone who didn't steal the album and purchased it in the stores! Actually he didnt do anything.. the fans did.. as he said over and over again....

So big ups Weezy! Damn when i heard you on POWER 106 in LA and self predicting that you would hit 1st week platinum, i was seriously pessimistic. With the intranetz, torrents, p2p sharing, etc... I would be shocked even if you broke GOLD... but Platinum? Seriously? WOW... and for a hip hop album too? DOUBLE WOW...

So my little message to Lil Wayne... Stop being so modest right now... Everyone in their momma calling you the best rapper in the game right now, and with 1st week platinum and hit collabs and singles, you have every right to call yourself so....


Environmentally Friendly Graffiti

The other day while blog-hoppin' I came across an interesting concept: reverse graffiti. After researching more about it, I discovered it's not that new of an art form, as the artist who originated it, Paul "Moose" Curtis, was featured on NPR back in 2004. More recently, however, he's been getting madd exposure with this documentary:

Once I heard that his latest mural was
in my city (and in my old 'hood), I grabbed my camera and made my way out to the Broadway tunnel to check it out for myself. I wish I had known about this earlier-- I would have loved to drive by while he was working on it or photograph it when it was still fresh. Nonetheless, I was still able to get a few good shots.

Crazy what one could do with a grimy wall, cleaning products and giant homemade stencils. I'm interested in seeing how city officials will cover up, or clean up, this kind of graffiti.

Take care of your city, folks. Keep it clean and go green... see how amazing it could be?


What's in a Name? Only the Death of my Dreams...

I like science and technology, I like learning, and I like NPR. I think it will come as no surprise that a science correspondent for public radio would definitely be up there on my list of dream jobs. There's one major problem...I have a horrible name. Now don't get me wrong, I have come to appreciate my name in it's entirety over the years but it just doesn't translate to radio. I'm talking 8 syllables and a last name that i swear I trip up on occasionally.

It'd be one thing if I wanted to work for clear channel, I could put some stupid adjective before my first name or find some terrible nickname (that lasted for 3 days, 14 hours, and 32 minutes in the 3rd grade) to use but at National Public Radio, this just won't do.

If you want to make a start, you need a name that is easy to pronounce, you don't want the hot shots at the top struggling with your name, you just won't last long. Guy Raz is a really good name, it's 2 syllables, easy to pronounce, easy to remember. If your name isn't going to be very short and memorable, the safest bet is an alliteration. Vikki Valentine and Ron Rapoport are perfect names for radio, they roll off the tongue and are memorable. When you name your child a name like that, it's like they're destined to have their names read to people all over, every day.

The next type of radio name that works is a long name, either using a middle name or a hyphenated last name. Karen Grigsby Bates is a nice strong radio name. She uses three names, all with a strong consonants at the start, creating a kind of pause and set up for each name. Lourdes Garcia-Navarro works equally as well but hers works because of how well it flows together. With a name as smoothly as delivered as that, what's NOT to like?

At the top tier of NPR's most memorable are names like Don Gonyea, Ina Jaffe, and Neda Ulaby. If you notice, these people always have the best jobs, foreign correspondents, white house correspondents, bureau chiefs, etc. If you have a good enough name, and the knowledge and knowhow, you end up with regular shows like Brian Unger, or Robert Krulwich (two of my favorite commentators). But of all the names on NPR, my favorites have to be Lakshmi Singh, Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, Sylvia Poggioli, and Ofeibea Quist-Arcton. Not only do these 4 ladies have possibly the best names on radio, they also happen to provide excellent coverage from abroad so that I might have a small idea of what is happening in the rest of the world.

I don't doubt the credentials of any of the people working at NPR, all I'm saying is that with 8 syllables, a tough last name, and every name starting with a soft sound, while I might be destined for a great many things, public radio I am not.


Dinner Talk: Zingari Ristorante

On Sunday (belated happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there, by the way) a homie and I made dinner plans for the last night of Dine About Town. As usual, it was my job to choose the restaurant, which was not an easy task as this particular friend happens to dislike all the foods that I absolutely love. I finally decided on some fine Italian dining at Zingari Ristorante just off of Union Square. I haven't had me some good Italian food in a minute and the menu didn't seem half bad. Plus, it was close to Muni, which meant I wouldn't have to drive and lose my rock star parking (always a plus in the city)!

So, I made the trek out to the financial district and was about 15 minutes late for our reservation. However, once I got there we were shown to a table without any wait. My initial reaction of the place was kind of... mehh. There were two different dining areas. I'm not sure what the difference between them was, but the side we were on was small and... well, boring-- no windows, no art, nothing to catch the eye (except some funky wallpaper pattern). I didn't get a chance to see the other side, but my guess is that it wasn't that much better.

On to the food. I did the prix fixe menu (which it looks like they do on any ol' night), whereas my friend stuck with one dish from the regular menu. I started my dinner off with a zucchini basil soup (the soup of the day). I'm not big fan of zucchini, but it was the most appealing antipasti on the menu. To my surprise, it was delicious. Creamy-smooth (although the waiter mentioned that no cream was used in it), light and very flavorful. I'd recommend it.

For secondi, I had the Rigatoni con Salsiccia (rigatoni pasta, Italian sausage, Grana Padano cheese in a roasted tomato cream sauce). Sounds pretty good, right? It was tasty, yes, but not as good as I thought it would be. Actually, the sauce was a little bland and there wasn't any salt or pepper on the table for me to remedy that. It was, however, well-proportioned. The serving size wasn't too big to the point where it just hurts after finishing the entire dish, but was just enough so that you're a nice-- what I like to call-- "happy-full." The ingredients themselves were also well-proportioned in the dish, which I appreciated. I hate when I don't have enough meat/noodle/sauce in every bite!

My friend got the Penne Pollo (penne paste with roasted chicken breast, tomatoes, lemon, rosemary, in a Pecorino cheese oregano cream sauce), which I found to be much more flavorful, but not as creamy as my dish. I'd recommend this instead.

For dessert, we split a slice of Tiramisu, my favorite! Sadly, I was extremely disappointed. My initial bite was good, but as we worked our way towards the center of the slice, I noticed that there was way too much cream and hardly enough ladyfingers. Not only that, but the ladyfingers were drenched, which completely threw off the consistency of the cake for me. We should have gone with the creme brulee.

• • •

So, overall this dining experience was okay. On a scale of 1 through 10, I'd just barely give it a 7. Service wasn't that great. Not that anyone was rude or anything (not at all), but we got no love, for sure. We had to ask for water (and refills) two or three times and waited a while to get our check. Also, our waiter didn't tell us about any of the specials or about the menu the way I noticed other patrons were told. Ambiance wasn't impressive. The food was decent, but not worth its price in flavor (or presentation). Nothing rocked my socks, but I'd consider going back to try something else on the menu if I were in the area.



edit: this ones for you agent mike ;)

So im in the middle of a NEW bike build... a new road bike.. (BMC TEAM MACHINE in swiss colors) now i currently have a half FSA / SHIMANO ULTEGRA build on it... why? well im waiting... and waiting for this looks like its gonna be worth it! check out the new CAMPAGNOLO SUPER RECORD 11 SPEED grouppo

Lately alot of new groupos have been released or debuted, i have yet to cover all of them because there are just too many and dont really wow me so easily... Shimano 7900, Shimano Di2, Sram RED, Campagnolo E whatever i dunno... but 11 speed Super Record might just be the ticket that gets me to switch over from being a devout shimano rider... to... well.. switching over to the darkside if you must...

switching over to the great return of SUPER RECORD....

Well as you can see the hoods have a changed appearance. Seems like Campanolo took some styling cues from its arch-nemesis Shimano, and vice versa... Seems like Dura ace 7900 shifters copied Campy ergo hoods.

In any case im sure the styling of the hoods and how people feel about it will get a great batch of mixed reviews.... for me? well im gonna go ahead and say.. yea its hot...

but what really gets my vote is the graphic down the lever that lets you know... you got 11 gears and clicks ready to go!

Now the huge debate all over the world is of course.... WHEN is enough enough? how many gears do we really need? is 11 necessary? well im gonna have to say that this has been the debate for years... 6,7 speeds? moving to 9 ? going to 10? riding compact? now 11? as the range of gear ratios get closer... finding that magical ratio gets easier...

but what about durability? how much thinner narrower smaller can the chain and cassette really get?

how about weight? pretty soon we will be riding on paper thin cassetes with spaghetti chains...

and at what cost? if bike parts arnt already expesive enough.... $3000 frame sets... $1000 wheels... $1000 other misc parts... $2000+ groupo? hmmm... people always think im working on a motorcycle when i tell them, "yea my bike parts cost $$$$"

well.. as my kid bro always says... you gotta pay to play.. and 11 speed is something i definitely want to play with!

now a compact 11 speed will be even sweeter... and make it sub 2000 grams while we are at it... and you really got yourself a if it will be record which i can afford that will be another question.... but according to sources 11 speed will be available on Super Record, Record, and Chorus.

i think bikes stores should start selling bicycles like they do cars... awkwards back and forth negotiations... a nice little lounge to get refreshments... test drives.... in house financing... service and maintenance drop offs...oh wait... they already do do that.....


Keepin' It Real: Banksy x Danger Mouse

Been doing a lot of vinyl shopping lately. One of my recent cops was this pair of limited edition 12” (pictured above and after the jump) with cover art by none other than Banksy himself. Only 1,000 copies were made and it comes in 4 colorways (beige, green, gold, and silver). Unfortunately I could only get my hands on a gold and a silver but I can’t complain cause this is the cheapest possible way to own a limited edition Banksy.

Production credit goes to “DJDM” who is most likely Danger Mouse (DJ Shadow is rumored to have had a hand in this project as well but that is less certain). Banksy and Danger Mouse have collaborated multiple times before including the now (in)famous Paris is Burning stunt from 2006 when they doctored hundreds of copies of Paris Hilton’s album and snuck them into UK record stores to be bought by unsuspecting Paris fans (don’t feel too bad for them… a handful of the ~500 copies sold on ebay for a few hundred bucks).

So I know a lot of people think Banksy is a sellout but that’s an unfair label, imho. Yes, he’s a bonafied superstar whose works are now fetching 6-figures at art auctions. Yes, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt own a couple pieces. A lot of people in the street art community are uncomfortable with this kind of popularity and are wary of the artform becoming overly commercialized and exploited (like breakdancing in the 80s). In my opinion, that’s all part of the point! So-called “urban art” has always struggled with legitimacy in the high art world. Aside from Basquiat, few graffiti artists have really been embraced by the “experts”. Highlighting this point is the 2005 Banksy stunt which involved Banksy putting on a fake beard, sneaking into a bunch of NYC museums, and hanging up his works (complete w/ placards) next to “legitimate” pieces.

In my opinion, this was a big “f*ck you” to curators and art historians who refused to accept street art as a legitimate form. To me, this stunt was basically Banksy saying, “F*ck the conventional channels of getting art exhibited. This sh*t is art whether a curator says so or not!”

Some would argue that now that Banksy finally IS getting attention from the elite, he can no longer be considered a street artist. It’s a good point. In fact, when I went to his “Barely Legal” warehouse show in 2006, I did get the feeling that his works sort of lost their context by being presented legally on canvas and arranged on walls as opposed to being out in the wild, illegally painted on buildings and billboards where anyone can view them. Call it urban site-specificity.

Can a piece only be considered street art if it’s out on the streets? Is the point of street art NOT to be accepted by the elite? Is it Banksy’s point that this SHOULDN’T be the point? Or am I just missing the point completely? Who knows.

That said, Banksy has undoubtedly brought street art to a very broad audience and has forced people to at least consider it as a legitimate artform. Though I understand the reasons for the backlash, I think it’s unfair to turn on him just because Urban Outfitters is selling his book. Dude is a living legend. His influence (and arguably Blek’s) is apparent in a whole generation of artists’ work.

But I digress… Here’s a snippet of the aforementioned Danger Mouse. Though it’s a nasty beat (and with all due respect to the Mouse)… this purchase was all about the album art.

MP3: DJDM - Keep It Real/Laugh Now - Track 1 (snippet)
(holler if you want the full track)


In His Drive to be Number One, Kanye Might Find it Lonely at the Top

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to Kanye's Glow in the Dark Tour when it passed through San Diego in April(I know, late pass) and I have to say that it was an amazing spectacle.

The minute we arrived, there were a couple different lines going
all the way around the sports arena and out to the parking lot.
The line was filled with hype beasts, women asking Kanye to have their babies (so their shirt said), girls who were dressed way to inappropriately for a concert (seriously, dress and heals when you have standing room on the floor?!), and of course plenty of people wearing "KANYE GLASSES"

1st up on the lineup was Lupe Fiasco. I personally really like Lupe. People, for some reason, got all bent out of shape over fiascogate and seem to forget that he is one of the best lyricists out there and puts out some damn good music. Lupe put on a great show, especially considering the shitty acoustics of the arena. The crowd finally got on their feet when he started playing some of his radio hits and he proceeded to keep the crowd moving for a solid hour. Lupe brought out some amazing back up singers and lyricists including his boy Matthew Santos. Although I prefer Lupe's performances in smaller venues, his music (especially the new stuff) translated well to a stadium setting.

Next up was N.E.R.D. It very well could have been the acoustics but you couldn't make out a lot of their lyrics unless you knew the songs, the balance seemed way off. That aside, they put on an energetic performance that got the crowd hyped and even played their new song Everybody Nose.

The last opener was Rihanna. I'm not a big fan of her music. I don't think she's bad and making music or anything, I just personally though the best part of her set was her hilarious outfit that pretty much mapped out all of her erogenous zones. I have never seen someone try to do so much on stage (with dancers and everything else going on) and have it do so little for the performance.

So after the three openers, the crowd is hyped, the stadium is packed and everybody is just waiting in anticipation for the main event. Now let me preface this with this:
I am a huge fan of Kanye, I loved his "old" stuff and I really like his new stuff, especially his willingness to not stick with the same stuff everyone loved as it got old, but to push boundaries and stay relevant (sorry all you hip hop "heads"/haters, I know you probably don't agree). When Kanye dropped his most recent mixtape, I got goosebumps when he sampled daft punk and was hooked till the end. I remember turning to some friend of mine (not particularly fond of Kanye) and warned,"I will probably be jocking Kanye a lot for a while."(that was an understatement) I think if he is not the number one artist out right now (notice how I say artist, not just musician), he is definitely at the top.

So while everyone waits upwards of an hour (with the same loop of songs playing over and over), the crowd grows anxious. Finally the curtain raises and the crowd goes nuts. Kanye then wastes no time putting on the most energetic and wild spectacle I have ever seen at a concert, complete with flashing lights, an erotic robot, holographic dancers, fog machines , a corny story line, and a live band. He even found a way to change up the way that he delivered lines or the way he sung the chorus so it didn't feel like you came to a giant CD listening party.

He finally did it, he reached stadium status. Kanye's drive and perfectionism showed in his performance, not only in every little detail of the concert, but in his inability to let the little things slide. Right at the start, some of the light boards in the floor went out and Kanye could not stop looking at them. He had a hard time moving on and often would go over in interludes to yell at the controls guys. He would, in mid song, yell at a camera guy to get in the correct position (as it was all choreographed out). I think most people wouldn't have even realized this had they not been sitting in my position but I did find it interesting, although distracting at times.

The one thing that urked me the most about Kanye's performance was the total lack of any features. In the back, you have Pharrell and Lupe, who he has done songs with in the past, just chillin. He didn't pop out during either of their performances to do any songs. (None of the others did either but Lupe hopped out during N.E.R.D. but only to sing backgrounds on one song.) The weirdest thing is that one of the last songs was "Touch the Sky" and he didn't bring out Lupe. Now I know it wouldn't have made sense with the whole story line but I think that the energy between the two on stage would have outweighed the oddity of lupe just appearing in space to perform. After the show was done, there was no call for encore, the house lights popped on quick and people flooded out quicker than I have seen in a long time at a show.

Kanye put on an amazing performance (that's an understatement) and it was definitely worth the money but it got me thinking. Kanye is more popular than he has ever been. He is getting radio play like never before, wilin' out on fashion even more and taking himself to new heights in everything he enjoys doing. I honestly think that even with the amount he is being embraced right now, people are still not ready for what he is capable of artistically. During the performance I couldn't help but notice how detached his performance seemed to be from everyone else's, how everything seemed so separate.

I realize that this is just one opinion and it's pretty hard to please everyone in the crowd. I'm sure Kanye is not about to leave anybody behind and, if nothing else, he will inspire those around him to step their game up, but he can't control their ability to keep up.

More than anything I am over analyzing the shit out of the greatest show on earth currently touring and for all I know, the SD show was the only one like this. Then again, have you listened to his new single? Either way, if you missed out, I guess you better hope a DVD comes out!


KOGA/MIYATA + THEO BOS = The Million Dollar Bike

KOGA which is a bicycle maker from Europe teamed up with world reknowned track superstar cyclist/professional cyclist THEO BOS to pretty much make the most insane custom track bike ever for a single human being to ride. and the cost of said machin? ehh just a cool 1$ million dollars... thats it...Straight up making it rain" for a fixie...

well i guess with a crew like NASA + other aerospace engineers + countless hours in wind tunnels that alone will surly bring up the bill on that R/D real quick! i ALWAYS have discussions with friends about how the cost of bicycle parts arent as cheap as one would think... human powered, very simple in design, no major moving electrical components, etc... yet quest for light, stiff, and aero are never ending!


Cycle maker Koga Miyata is hoping that a one million dollar bike built for Dutch track cyclist Theo Bos will secure him a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.

Koga has spent three and a half years developing a revolutionary frame for Bos, who narrowly missed out on the gold medal at the Athens Olympics four years ago.

Ive always thought of Theo Bos as a beast. now he gets the best bike and the best stage to prove himself.... looks like im gonna be up at odd hours of the days trying to catch a glimpse of the olympic track races... and rooting for my boy!!! go get em Theo!

also while you are at it swing me one of those track bikes so i can throw it on ebay! actually who am i kidding im sure you will cash in like SARAH HAMMER and toss your bike on ebay once you are done! her LOOK 496 track bike ended up fetching a few thousand on ebay recently...


Sojourner Cafe: Santa Barbara, CA

It's been about a month since I decided to go vegetarian. I don't miss the beef/pork/poultry stuff all that much, but I have to admit that my new diet is seriously lacking in variety. After five weeks of living on assorted veggies, tofu, and veggie and tofu soup, I thought I'd check out a local vegetarian-friendly restaurant and get ideas for meals that I could eventually try cooking at home. The establishment: Sojourner Cafe.

Located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, the Sojourner features a laid-back atmosphere, interesting artwork on every wall, and a menu of mostly vegetarian and organic dishes. I sampled the golden indian dhal with wild rice and yogurt and chutney on top... it was actually more delicious than I thought it was going to be, and surprisingly filling. The dessert menu is excellent (the desserts are labeled by ingredient for folks following vegan diets). I highly reccommend the the chocolate macaroon torte and the vegan chocolate fudge brownie!

Apparently, the Sojourner Cafe has been voted "Best Spot to Dine Alone" by local papers several times in the past. I don't understand that hype, but I did really enjoy my meal and the staff was friendly. The menu truly opened my eyes to different dishes that I want to attempt at home (WTH, Polenta Royale? Gingered Tofu Wonton Pillows?!), but with the affordable prices here, why cook when I can just come back again and again...


What I Have Learned as an Engineer: The Construction Site

As a young engineer, you get a pretty decent amount of shit from some of the older engineers. It's normal for a newbie in any field to get this but step onto the job site where contractors are building your equipment, and it's a whole other ball game.

One of the things that bugs contractors the most is having an engineer (especially fresh out of college whose experience is usually solely theoretical) who has never changed a tire, much less coordinated the construction of a major plant, come up to him and try to tell him how to do his job. My first bit of advice is to speak as little as possible, this provides less opportunity for ridicule. Once you have internalized that, I've got 5 simple tips to make walking onto the job site easier.

First off you will need a hard hat. Whenever you go anywhere that will require a hardhat, they will have them to borrow. Besides the obvious problem with borrowing one, that it might be used by 100 other people who have sweat in it, another problem is everyone will know you borrowed it, it's cheap, you didn't bother taking the time to fit it correctly and it looks awkward.

When you go to buy one for yourself, make sure you steer clear of the fiberglass ones, although they look nice, they are usually reserved for the foreman on site. My suggestion when buying a hardhat is to go with one like the one pictured. General contractors are generally pretty patriotic people (just look at their trucks or websites, the use of American Flags will have you seeing stars and stripes when you close your eyes). As Stephen Colbert has taught us, nothing screams patriotism like American Flags and Bald Eagles. A hat like this will get smiles and compliments from tons of people and will make them warm up to you. This will make discussions with them a lot easier because they will feel like you're one of them. Keep in mind, this is the hardhat you keep in the front seat and polish at the end of the day, not throw in the trunk. Normally a hardhat should be beat and worn but a hardhat like this needs to be cared for and respected.

The Second thing you'll need is Steel Toed Boots. Now I KNOW you will want to cop those titanium-toed boots, or those low top lace-ups. Who wouldn't, they are light and they breathe. The thing is, nobody wears them, you want to go with something more like that on the left. They are simple. they are leather and they do the job. I am not saying you shouldn't find a pair that is comfortable, but just keep the style simple and similar to the others.

Once you have the bought the shoes, I would recommend wearing them around for a while before stepping on site. Once you have water sealed them, rub dirt all over them and then clean it off, I would recommend doing this at least a dozen times (and I mean really work the dirt into the shoe). After you have done this, walk down to your local hardware store and wander down the isles, dropping anything you can find on them: hammers, 2x4's, a kitchen sink, whatever. Once you have done this, you are ready to take em on site.

The next thing you should pick up is a good piar of safety glasses. These should look a lot like sporty sunglasses, not like the ones your dad wore in shop class.

The final tool you will need is a good tape measure. Resist temptations and stay away form the ultrasonic, laser guided or the battery powered ones. The batteries will run out and you will never replace them. A solid, 25' long measure is probably the most you'll need. It's very important that you know how to use this properly. I would practice with this pretty regularly until you are a pro. Go around and measure everything in your house at least 3 times. Measure every crack and crevice. Hell, get your roommate involved and have them ask you to measure random things. You need to do this so when someone on site asks you for a length, you can draw that thing off your belt and slide it into position quicker than they can grab a pen.

My last tip is to take some hands-on classes (welding, shop class, electrical, anything). Stay away from inspector classes. The only thing a General Contractor hates more than "Made in China" is an inspector. You need to have some hands on experience so that you are comfortable out there whether you are handing someone a tool or yanking a piece of equipment apart. The last thing you want to do is giggle when someone asks you to hand them a pair of dikes...


Afrobama: The Unified Party Anthem

Welcome back, Cody ChesnuTT... good to hear you still got it. Obama '08!


Original or Remix 2.0 ::: {wah-lay}

So a couple weeks ago agent adrian hooked you all up with some mpFrees and showed us how original tracks aren't necessarily the best. Going off of that idea, I wanted to spread the word on this.

Now, (as some of my ¢ollective colleagues know) I'm not much of a radio fan so I may be a bit biased on this track. If you ask me, it's a definite upgrade from the original. But either way I've had Wale on heavy rotation for a while now and can't deny that he's got skillz. His mixture of hip hop and go-go music is solid and will definitely get your body movin'.

But recently, I've noticed that there are still a good amount of cats out there who aren't up on him, which was the inspiration behind this quickie post. For those of you who asked, I've linked his mixtape... and for those of you who haven't done so yet, give him a listen.




Lols i woke up seeing this all over the place.. Puff daddy did not changed his name! who the hell cared in the first place... but then again he goes on his youtube page to send this personal message to the people! and better yet...he says even crazier things!

lool at all these quotables! "im rich bitch"..."i can call myself whatever the fuck i want"..."go out and vote"..."i make hit records and hot clothes"

ok i dont want to take anything away from diddy ima fan... well more like puff daddy and ma$e days... and even though i love to hate him... i cant... haha... now im sure some other colleagues here on the blog will have other opinions of diddy.. but hell.. ima just say it.. DIDDY you the man!!!



Ok so i promised myself no more bike posts for a hot second... but shit.. its summer time.. and i get this email from good ol BRAD @ RVCA... (brads the VP brand manager @ rvca.. and he loves life) ok... so check it out.. he sent me pictures of what heaven looks like..

the details on the bike? well this is straight from rvca
50 limited edition bicycles have been produced to celebrate this collaboration and provide access to the public to purchase a commemorative piece from the Pressure Show, debuting on Thursday 19th June at VASF in San Francisco.
Available in 3 frame sizes (54, 56 or 58) and showcasing artwork by world renown artist Barry McGee, they are sure to become a collector’s item in the years to come.

Cost per complete bicycle - $3,700.00US
Cost per frame kit – $2,100.00US

25 units of each have been produced.

Please note that unit cost does not include delivery charges.
For further sales enquires please contact Brad Blankinship on

so click here and peep the frame

These frames are based on the geometry of the CINELLI SUPER CORSA PISTA... very classic frame from a great Italian company. they are simply beautiful, even though i wish the frameset was cheaper, its not. and to some it maybe worth it just to have something this special. and the other bad thing is that they dont have my size... can i get away with a 54? maybe.. but id love to have my exact size 52.. especially if i was spending that kinda cheese...

oh and to brad... thanks for ruining my work week.. instead of concentrating on what i have to do.. i will now have dreams and visions of riding this rvca x cinelli through fields filled with daffodils and daisies toward a party with free booze and orgies while topless big breasted women cheer me on and throw confetti in the air....