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Just a Thought: War Funding

The house passed a $162 Billion military spending bill last week. Way to go dems, so scared of reelection, you won't stand up for what you believe. Yes I think we should keep our troops safe, I just think the best way to keep them safe is to bring them home...

Wonder what that money could do for us regarding renewable energy? Using the conversions found here and some back of the envelope calcs, here's what $162 Billion could do for us:

$162 Billion dollars could build us enough solar plants to produce 11.34 Gigawatts per year. 11.34 Gigawatts is enough energy to power roughly 2,835,000 homes for a year, about the population of the San Diego metro area, that's the equivalent of 20,723,850 barrels oil.

This would mean that the money that we spend on securing the oil fields of Iraq would take a large city in America off the energy grid and save over 20 million barrels of oil per year. Not only would it be good for the environment but it would also lessen the control the events in the middle east and other oil producing countries have on our quality of life.

Just a Thought