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Why I like Obama

I’m not gonna talk like I have been down with Obama since the start. I had been hearing about Obama for a while and then I finally started to learn about him in his article in GQ (September 2007). Not that he was my man then, but I definitely took an interest.

Once the campaigning began and sides were beginning to be chosen, I had a decision to be made (for me it was between Edwards, Clinton, and Obama). I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know the ins and outs of Obama’s policies but my choice was Obama for many reasons. I think Obama is charismatic and has the ability to move people into action more than any other candidate. I like that he’s young and that he IS more in touch with my generation than any other candidate (you can’t hate on that, there’s a lot of people who like McCain for the same reason). Obama has worked for community organizations and understands the importance and impact of individuals and grass roots organizations on the community. Overall, I think Obama has the greatest ability to infect change, to inspire people to live up to their potential and to try to make the change they want to see, as opposed to waiting for someone else to do it.

Now since becoming the presumptive nominee, Obama has been far from perfect, hell, he’s even been quite human. He has tripped up a couple times, misspoke and there are certain policies I don’t agree with (of all the things you choose to highlight in keeping from no child left behind, a useless program, you keep standardized testing?! Really?!). But through it all, I still see the man I supported from the beginning (I sound like I’m writing wedding vows). The reasons I stated before are still the same reasons that I support him to this day, regardless of how he messes up.

I think, as Americans, we are hoping to elect a president who will step up and make all the change we will need. While we sit back in Starbucks and talk on our iPhones, somehow the President will solve the credit crisis, pull the country out of debt, pull out of Iraq while keeping the peace, provide health care for everyone, end our dependency on foreign oil, and give us $600 every time we’re down. America has become too complacent as the “world’s greatest nation” and we, frankly, have gotten lazy. The truth is, no matter who we elect, it’s not going to get your friend out of debt, keep your neighbor in their house, or give your baby cousin the education they need to be successful in life.

We, as Americans, need to start caring again. We need to protect our own, and by that I mean our communities, both on the local and global level. We need to think of the impact of our decisions when it comes to things such as education, dividing up city spending, and speaking out against injustice; Get out to vote! On the global level, we need to think about our impact on global warming, the drinking water supply, implementing legitimate green energy (forget ethanol, it does way more harm than good) and reducing the amount of waste we have. We need to start being proactive in our decisions, taking some time out of our busy lives to slow down, appreciate what we have, and give what we can to those in our communities. Volunteer our time and money to local organizations and global issues.

I think Obama has the greatest ability to move people. I think he’s a positive person to have in charge of this country that might allow us to rebuild the international bridges we have burned over the past 8 years. What we need to realize that if we want to be the world’s greatest nation, “we the people” are going to have to work just as hard as the guy we elect.



Marco Polo: A Dance For All Ages....And Dancing Abilities

So in case you don't follow the "wonderful" music that makes it onto the radio and TV, Bow Wow just released a new song with Soulja Boy called (not much of a surprise here) Marco Polo. As is necessary (I guess) with all of the songs Soulja Boy is on, it has a corresponding dance. The video was released recently and can be seen here (but be warned, no research has been done, but I am pretty sure watching this video causes brain damage)

Now in case you were wondering, as I was, "How on earth did they come up with a such complex, interesting, and fun dance routine?" Bow Wow released a video on youtube with a little teaser of the song asking for people to submit a dance for the new "joint" of the summer and they would pick the best, as you can see in the following video.

2 months and a very thorough selection process (I am sure) and they came up with.....Peek-A-Boo. I could go through the whole video and pick out the ridiculousness of this video but I think the result would be on the scale of a masters thesis in Neuroscience so I will keep it brief. Not that the Superman dance was that much better but Bow Wow promised that the person who created that dance would be in the video and I am pretty sure that explains why there's the random shot of the baby girl running over to grab the beach ball back, that right there is the creator's 15 seconds of fame.

Bow Wow dropped "lil" a while back to try to appear older, probably to reinvent himself in the game, make it so he could rap about "adult" things....and to date Ciara. I am sorry Bow Wow, but you have now officially regained the lil. Sorry Lil Bow Wow, but throwing yourself on a track with Soulja Boy and playing Peek-A-Boo doesnt gain you street cred (last time I checked) and it definately doesn't make you appear any older. Yes, you will probably make bank off this, and yes, you probably bought a nicer car than I will ever own before you were old enough to drive but man, what a career choice.

Now I can't hate on Soulja Boy really, I mean the guy is worth more than I will probably ever make and the kid just got out of his diapers I think. He went from nothing to something with just a computer, youtube, and a dance that had everyone from girls in the club, to ballet dancing kids, to middle aged math teachers doing it. If that's not the American Dream (sans a lot of work), I don't know what is. I will however hate on you (no, not YOUUUUU!!!'s just you), the fan. I can't hate on the person who listens to the song and laughs, I mean, it's pretty much is like a clown for adults, just a lot less scary to most people. I hate on the people who call up the radio and request it, the people waiting for it in the club, and the people who pay for his music. I will not get into an argument about what is good music and bad music, but as anyone can tell, the music airwaves are already pretty slim on diversity, and to have it saturdated with songs of this calliber is just dissapointing to me.

So I won't hate on Soulja boy but man, Ice-T will do it! (Peep this, this, and this)


The Master of Complications... What is a Tourbillon???

(The $500,000 ZENITH ZERO-G)

TOURBILLONs have become something of a horologists wet dream and the mega rich man status symbol. And only the best watch makers in the world can even attempt to make them and at costs that are insane due to the intricacies involved in making such complicated mechanical parts... And more importantly they are rare and also they are very damn pretty to look at....

Now how much is one? Well... The 3 I'ma show you here are like $250k+ yes thats not a typo.. 250,000$ USD.. and up... like your house and some...for a wrist watch...

Now whats funny about Tourbillons are that they are completely unnecessary and just prove that "hey my watch has more moving parts and was a pain in the ass to build... so take your rolex and go die!" Why? Well because the original intention or design of a tourbillon were more for pocket watches. (click and read more)

By definition a Tourbillon is ( a type of mechanical clock or watch escapement invented in 1795 by Abraham-Louis Breguet that is designed to counter the effects of gravity and other perturbing forces that can affect the accuracy of a timepiece.) haha.. ok what the hell is that right?

Well its a type of watch complication (basically for mechanical watches functions besides timekeeping are called complications, while for quartz watches - just simply functions.) that was invented because of pocket watches back in the day... think about it ..before batteries and all that electonic stuff.. they made watches out of all mechanical moving parts... pocket watches are a prime example.... they would sit in a pocket or something for hours and well since its sitting and just doing nothing... the effects of gravity would mess up the accuracy of the pocket watch.... thus the necessity for a TOURBILLON and its countering effects on gravity...

See its all good for pocket watches... but now think of a regular wrist watch.. its mounted on your arm, and you are constantly moving and shaking your wrist, thus negating any negative effects of gravity, thus not necessarily requiring a need for a complication such as a TOURBILLON....

but of course.. like anything else completely expensive as fuck and totally unnecessary.. why not... if you can.... check out these other fine examples of MASTER COMPLICATIONS...

(The $250,000-$900,000 FRANCK MULLER REVOLUTION)

(The $275,000 Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon)


Royal/T in the Porta-Party

What do you get when you mix a warehouse art space in Culver City with a cafe staffed by French-maid outfitted Asian girls- Royal/T. Royal/T has created quite a stir amongst Japanophiles and Asian art enthusiasts alike as it stands to be Los Angeles's first version of a cosplay cafe. Now don't get too excited yet fellas...these ladies aren't gonna play hide and seek with you, feed you, or cater to your every whim. What Royal/T DOES offer is an open and welcoming space to enjoy a cup of tea amongst some of today's most talented contemporary artists.

Current exhibit: "Just Love Me is the opening exhibition at Royal/T. Selected from the Susan Hancock Collection, Just Love Me explores the complexity of cuteness, and the yearning it reveals in artistic expression today. Cuteness is a gesture expressing an innocent desire to obtain unconditional love from someone who gives one's heart. Cuteness is not always sweet and jovial. It can also be monomaniac, enigmatic and obsessive accomplishing the craving under its optimistic surface-to be loved. Just Love Me is the title of a neon sign in the collection by Tracey Emin. This exhibition juxtaposes works not only by Japanese contemporary artists but also by various international artists who explore obsessive human desire." (Royal/T) Featured artists include: Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Keisuke Yamamoto, and Izumi Kato.

One of my most favorite and alluring pieces at Royal/T was Nick Rodrigues's Porta Party- basically the collision of a porta-potty, iPod, discoball, and camera. The sculpture is part of Rodrigues's 'Human Interaction Series'- an exploration of how human relationships cater to and sometimes conflict with technology and innovation. Yo
u can literally walk into the porta party, choose a song off the bright pink iPod nano inside, have the flashing lights dance with the spinning discoball, and the camera inside will capture all debauchery which is then projected onto the iPod screen for outsiders to gawk at. According to Nick Rodrigues's site, the Porta Party is available for rent for your next house party, debut, or bbq.



First off thanks to for the image. we do it for the lulZ... Ok so i heard a story from my mom about how eating a lot of soy can lead to all kinds of craziness. It can lower sperm count, interfere with hormone signals, and possibly increase estrogen activity... wtf?! Seriously wasnt it not too long ago that Soy was deemed our century's wonder food? Now it seems like its nothing but bad news.

(HealthDay News) -- Eating half a serving of soy food a day lowers sperm concentrations and may play a role in male infertility, particularly in obese men, Harvard University researchers report.

The reason for this relationship between soy and sperm count isn't clear. However, researchers speculate that soy increases estrogen activity, which may have a negative affect on sperm production and also interfere with other hormonal signals.

"There have been a lot of interest in estrogen and isoflavones in particular and a potential relationship to fertility and other reproductive disorders," said lead researcher Dr. Jorge Chavarro, a research fellow in the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

So after hearing this story i decided to check the intranetz for more related stories, and honestly in the back of my mind i was thinking that i would find 1000 articles and topics about soy being way more beneficial than harmful. Oh boy was i wrong! After reading articles like this, this and this it came real apparent that soy isnt all that cracked up to be? Was it because of some Soy marketing dept that pulled the curtain over our eyes during this whole health craze movement? Is it just us as an American population looking for an answer to all our health problems and just being so naive?

Well i know for one thing... ima just be easy on this soy stuff until some other reports come out and say otherwise. Because at right now i think ima need all my man juice. no homo. and no homo on some soy. Honestly i never even really liked soy milk. I remembered a marathon/run i did a few months ago with some friends and my brother and they kept swearing by SOY milk, and honestly i hated it and ended up throwing mine away. While the rest of them devoured it like it was nobodys business! Hmmm.. now that i think about it.. their love for soy would totally explain some other issues my friends have...


Classic Nickelodeon : we miss you!

Ok kids... Ok fine.. we aint really kids no more.. but if thats the case then for damn sure Nickelodeon isnt Nickelodeon of the good ol days!!

Because seriously i woke up like one saturday or sunday really early...And i told myself you know what fuck it lets just watch cartoons and have some cereal (ok i had some grown ass KASHI) but still, it was the thought that counts... and i turned on the TV and BAM! im like WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to the early morning cartoons... so then i go to NICKELODEON and was like.. ok lets see whats really good over at NICK.. and i was like WTF IS THIS CRAP!?
so this is what the post is all about here.. the good ol days.. where you stayed up all night playing video games... woke up early to watch some cartoons... and then went outside to go play... And if you are like me and like going down good ol memory lane ... Then go ahead and peep the video... ( for the true kids who grew up on Nick... im talking bout you early 80s babies) some of the shows in this flick are a tad bit new school, but most were still the good ones you grew to love as a kid!

NOW.. im a little bias... and im gonnna say that "HEY DUDE!" was probably my favorite... and of course with the hot ass super hot sexy sex kitten CHRISTINE TAYLOR and where the hell is JOE TORRES?!?!

Well there was my rant... now everyone.. pout out a little liquor (because i know most of yall over 21 now) and lets just sit back and reminisce about the good ol days of good tv... and whatever that means to you...feel free to leave a comment about what you miss about tv.... thats right.. im here.. your host... the lines will be open all night... go ahead and call in with your requests..ill be taking calls all night....


Texting and the Death of Language

The older generations speak of the dumbing down of our generation (the Millennials) and how we are getting lazy. There are books published about the subject and how we are hopeless as a whole generation. Often it is pointed out that our reliance on technology is more of a hindrance than a positive tool.

As linguists claim that we have a poor grasp of the English language due to growing up with IM and text messaging, Geoff Nunberg (a teacher at CAL and linguist on Fresh Air) has a different opinion.

Take 5 minutes out of your day and listen to his essay "Teens, Tech, and Language: A Tired Old Tale Retold" where he parallels the introduction of the new communication technologies with the introduction of the telegraph. His insightful opinion and historical context might have people on both sides of the argument looking at the (non)issue in a new light as he not only defends our generation, but the English language as well.


The Dark Knight: Batmobile Tumbler VS TOYOTA F1

what happens when you race the baddest f1 against the baddest crime fighting vehicle? straight up your wildest dream becoming a reality....

now the batmobile has always been like a staple for crime fighters means of transportation... it made me tempted to google/wiki older batmobiles of the past... which i came across this site.... BATMOBILEHISTORY.COM its pretty cool seems to cover quite a bit here cant wait to see this new batman movie... seriously when the dark knight returned to screens i was like.. jesus .. another one? i know the story... but it was flipped and done in such a style where i was like.. WOW.. good job.. kudos Christopher Nolan! so with just a few days away from the next one.. please believe that you will see a batman post again soon!



Ahh yes... the classic line. a timeless intranet jokez of the early 2000s? my brother linked me to a very interesting video starring bill oreilly and him really going off.. i havnt seen this one... so its new to me.. sorry if i get a LATE PASS ON THIS ONE.. but a video with all the crazyness and just crazy ol bill in general makes it was worthy enough for me to make a random post and rant about it....

Now i dont know why... But BILL... you seriously bother me... is it the arrogance and ignorance? is it because you are just a jackass? is it because you actually make ANN COULTER look like a saint? ok maybe not that bad. but you are the reason im mad doggie... me and dee also had a discusssion and all of a sudden we spent probably the next 30 mins on the phone really just going off on nothing really. just venting... talking shit.. just getting it all out there... just talking bout all the little and big things in this world that makes me mad... really mad son....and you know what.. we had every right to do so..

HELL...... everyone does... get it out there.. tell em why you mad son!!! LET EM KNO!

Here are vids of (1) Camron and Dame on Bill O's show.. probably an OG video that everyone should see... and (2) Khia.. yes the rapper.. shes still alive... lettin em know why shes mad as well... (thanks JAN)

well peep the videos.. and then after you done gettin mad... leave a comment and let them know why YOUUU REALLY MADDD .... and what MAKES YOU MADD...


It's a Celebration, B!itche$

Happy Bornday to our one and only agent mike!!!


RIDE REVIEWZ: OC to LA... short and sweet.... FAST

well with all this fitness talk going on.. i thought i should do something to get back in the game... not that im overly outta shape or anything... i do sure feel like it ! with PENGY talking about doing MASTER CLEANSE... lunch with my mom and meeting with DR. ZI CHANG talking about proper diet and exercise... to me and AGENT DEE... talking about gaining weight.. it seems like its everywhere!!!

well i know im not crazy enough to do master cleanse.. especially after having just MAN HANDLED "FURUSATO KOREAN BBQ" in gardena (and yes i think master cleanse is a scam) no debate here.. just accept it... its a scam people.. now go out there and get your real fitness game on ...i had this idea that i should do something and just get out there and ride...

just wanted to document a quick fast and fun ride i had today.... i rode to UCI (in a car) spent the night and decided it would be fun to ride back (on the bmc) from OC to LA one way in the morning time.... my total distance covered was just about 38 miles...(my friend covered about 40) here is a little overview of what i on!

1. started off near UCI...left with a friend who would ride with me half way to KINGS BICYCLE SHOP in SEAL BEACH... he had work at 3...they live in a very hilly part so we had a great down hill ride towards pch...

2. we stopped at UCI ROWING BOAT house to say wassup to my friends rowing coach and take a look at the UCI crew team boats.... after a brief moment we proceeded back toward PCH.. and continued to ride toward seal beach...

3. by now we are on PCH ( pacific coast highway ) heading north west.... its a long long beautiful stretch of just beach and scenery... we were fortunate to have just a light headwind... along the way we did see quite a few triathletes and road racers training and riding... along the path i developed a very loud knocking noise from my bottom bracket....

now im thinking oh great.... as the sound got louder i pull over to just try to do a quick maintenance check... we decide to keep on going and hammer it out toward KINGS BIKE SHOP...

4. at this point we are at KINGS BICYCLE shop in SEAL beach.. if you have a chance.. stop by and visit.. they updated their stock and inventory.. have a great selection of just high quality track and road bikes.... MIKE who is the shop mechanic was free and was able to help me on my issue.. with just one crank of riding it around the parking lot.. he found i had some play in my cranks. and needed to get my crank and bottom bracket re-serviced... pretty much TAP AND CHASE the grease and re install... he said he can get it done for me in about 25 mins... and that was perfect time to stop and chill....

5. well after some time my friend had to start heading back because he had work ... so we went our way.. he headed back toward the apt. ( WHICH ENDED UP BEING A 44 MILE total trip ride for him! good job!) i continued alone... purchased 2 packages of CLIF SHOT BLOCKS...

6. now im pretty much hammering it towards home... i ride up PCH.. toward the LONG BEACH TRAFFIC CIRCLE.. continue on LAKEWOOD... turn on SIGNAL... turn on CHERRY... turn on WARDLOW.... then pretty much ride the stretch home.....the bike was holding very well.. no more noise or problems with my crankset.. road conditions worsened just a tad bit... but im home and safe....

great ride!!!
now stop reading!! and get out there and get ya fitness on!!!



Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Let me start this post off by saying, if you ever have a chance to see Stevie Wonder live, you should really act upon it. Last night, I was one of many who packed the Shoreline Amphitheater for one of the best outdoor concerts of the summer. It was an amazing event; not only because of Stevie's energy and stage presence but also because of the diverse crowd he brought together. He seriously had folks of all ages --whether they were friends, lovers, or families --dancing in the aisles and singing along all night long. The outdoor setting and occasional shooting stars didn't hurt either. I know my post will hardly do justice, but I'll try my best to share the night's events.

We arrived a few minutes before 7:30 and claimed our spot at the top of the lawn. We were waaay up there, but at least we were in the center and brought some nice cozy picnic blankets. The show was supposed to start at 7:30 and by 8:15, with no Stevie in sight, the crowd was getting antsy... but as the gentleman next to us said, "who's gonna boo Stevie?" so everyone sat patiently and cheered any time something moved on stage or lights flickered. We were ready.

Around 8:30, Stevie walked out as his daughter, Aisha, held his arm and his adorable six year old son, Kailand, held his hand. Before getting into things, he introduced his kids and thanked us for joining him. Considering the size of the venue and crowd, this was a perfect way to create an intimate setting.

He and his 10-piece band and three backup singers opened with "As if You Read My Mind" and followed up with three other songs off of his 1980's album Hotter Than July. Although this album isn't one of my personal favorites, it was still incredible to hear the songs live and seriously heart-warming to see everyone dancing and completely in the moment. It's amazing to see what good soulful music can do and what it can inspire. For me, it was "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" that brought me to my feet. Or maybe, ironically enough, it was "Knocks Me off My Feet" (I can't remember which one came first). Either way, both are classics that slipped my mind, but the minute I heard 'em gave me a warm-fuzzy-feeling (yes, I said "warm-fuzzy-feeling;" don't act like Stevie don't do that to you too).

After this it's hard to remember the sequence of hits. I recorded my top favs on my trusty little Pentax Optio, but since we were sitting so far away there's not much to see (which is why I say you should just go see Stevie for yourself!) He absolutely killed it with "Living for the City", "Higher Ground", and "Visions". It was hilarious (and cute) to see the folks in front of us sit down for a breather in between songs only to jump back up a minute later for another song they were feelin'. Even all the way at the top of the grassy hill, Stevie was rockin' the crowd.

Halfway through, he brought his daughter to the front of the stage where she sang a beautiful, but yet somewhat dragged-out, solo. She definitely has a great voice, but it really slowed down the pace of things for me. After that, Stevie seemed to surprise her by singing a snippet of "Isn't She Lovely." Now, I'm sure she knew this was coming, but it was a little weird to watch because she seemed really embarrassed and desperate for her dad to let go of her arm. Nonetheless, the audience still loved it.

After sharing his latest new song, "Keep Fooling Yourself, Baby Girl", the show really picked up as he performed beloved classics such as "Ribbon in the Sky", "Overjoyed", "My Cherie Amour" (!) and "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." Of course, at this point I decided I was tired of being so far from all the energy and made my way as close to the lower levels as possible. My friend and I walked down as "Sir Duke" played in the background and Stevie transformed the giant Amphitheater into the most poppin' nightclub I've ever seen. As we walked through the aisles in the seated area, Stevie hit us with "Do I Do" and it was over. Even the security guards were dancin' and snappin' their fingers as they stopped ticketless fans from entering the seating area.

The concert closed with heavy hitters "I Just Called to Say I Love You", "Superstition", and "Uptight." By this time, it got a little wild where we were. Stevie had certainly touched some of the folks around us, with some people even getting hyphy (I wish I had a video of this to share with all of you =T).

I can't reiterate it enough: if he's in your city (shoot, even if he's not) go see Stevie live! On that note, I'd like to leave you with one of the highlights of my night:




Ok so im sitting here on the intrawebz.. seriously like just going thru some emails with the tv in the background on the 10pm news our local LA CW channel 5.... all of a sudden i hear this madness on tv... i guess ya boy kanye had some ghetto ass commercial/infomercial going.. it was hillarious.... i need to call the number... seriously wtf kanye.. hahahah i love it!!! kinda reminds me on ZOO YORKS copy of HEAD ON... hahaha (click more to see that one)

EDIT: so i called the 1-877-bekanye hotline... it told me to call back tomorrow or check the website HERE totally crazyness all over ... looks like a collabo with ABSOLUT VODKA

ill update more shortly