LIVE, LAUGH, AND LEARN... welcome to the co.


Ahh yes... the classic line. a timeless intranet jokez of the early 2000s? my brother linked me to a very interesting video starring bill oreilly and him really going off.. i havnt seen this one... so its new to me.. sorry if i get a LATE PASS ON THIS ONE.. but a video with all the crazyness and just crazy ol bill in general makes it was worthy enough for me to make a random post and rant about it....

Now i dont know why... But BILL... you seriously bother me... is it the arrogance and ignorance? is it because you are just a jackass? is it because you actually make ANN COULTER look like a saint? ok maybe not that bad. but you are the reason im mad doggie... me and dee also had a discusssion and all of a sudden we spent probably the next 30 mins on the phone really just going off on nothing really. just venting... talking shit.. just getting it all out there... just talking bout all the little and big things in this world that makes me mad... really mad son....and you know what.. we had every right to do so..

HELL...... everyone does... get it out there.. tell em why you mad son!!! LET EM KNO!

Here are vids of (1) Camron and Dame on Bill O's show.. probably an OG video that everyone should see... and (2) Khia.. yes the rapper.. shes still alive... lettin em know why shes mad as well... (thanks JAN)

well peep the videos.. and then after you done gettin mad... leave a comment and let them know why YOUUU REALLY MADDD .... and what MAKES YOU MADD...