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MASH SF haz Vimeo Page On Cycling Vidz

THE REVIVAL from morehartfilms on Vimeo.


our favorite renegade cycling bunch set up a video page to share all videos fixie/track related.. check them out.... lots of great ones on there..


Bay Area GET DOWN! What's Jerkin?

Well.. Another dance craze to report on. Now a few of us from the ¢ollective were in the bay area last weekend for SF BEERFEST, which was totally awesome btw. (Big ups to Agent Adrian for the organization of such a large crew from Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, all over CA.)

So here we were, a few of us in the Westfield Shopping Centre SF / Powell Bart Station Mall. and i was headed out of Bloomingdales with a good friend of mine on the way to check out Clarks or something, and i see a bunch of hypebeast/skater kids straight up just dancing in the mall...

I didnt think anything of it and thought it was just some random crazy stuff. But then i passed these two filipino kids on the escalator (they looked young) and i heard them talking about these other kids (the ones i saw earlier dancing in front of the Banana Republic. And as soon as we stepped off the escalator, he proceeded to attempt his dance moves, which was similar.

It was at that moment i was like WTF is going on... When it all hit me like a MACK truck... THEY WERE JERKIN...

Now here in LA my friends and I have this little inside joke about this song JERKIN by new boyz... One of the good homies would always bump this hard, and now in my car i bump this hard... My favorite Jerkin vid is still with the little kid in the playground on the kiddie slide, thats always funny!

So to all those SF kids i saw in the mall getting down... Go ahead! and get ya JERKIN on!

This is how we get down JERKIN in C-ARSON. South Bay Edition!


Im On A Bike! - Lonely Island?

well many of you know about im on a boat feat. tpain and lonely island .....

but since most of us here on the collective dont own a boat.. .we really cant relate... but we sure as heck can relate to riding a bike!!!!

gotta love white people doing they thang!!!! here is another classic white rapper!!!
this one is for you mike..


We're Going To Have To Let You Go...

(a photo of the area where I used to work, taken that day)

Two weeks ago, I walked in late to work on a Monday (I was weaseling my way out of jury duty) and found the rest of my company (all four of them) in the usual Monday meeting. As I walked in and said, "Hi" I received an odd response, one person choked out a good morning. I figured they were just surprised to see me so early as I said I would be out for jury duty.

I sat down, participated in the remainder of the meeting, as usual, and returned to my desk. I cranked out some work (I was very productive that day) until lunch time came around. I called in a Turkey Cobb from Con Pane (some of the best sandwiches in town) and got ready to go pick it up when my project manager suggested that I cancel my lunch order and he could take me to lunch. This seemed odd as we usually went to lunch on Fridays, and he never took me lunch, we went and got lunch together. This seemed odd but I didn't think much more of it.

As we were driving to get some fish tacos from Blue Water Grill (best grilled fish tacos, period) I noticed, in my peripherals, that my project manager was looking at me a lot. It seemed as if he was trying to gauge my mood or get some sort of feedback from me. I thought this was odd but just kept acting as I normally would.

I stepped up and ordered my food and so did my project manager and he pulled out the corporate card. I asked, "oh, it's on the company today?" and he responded with a simple, yet uneasy, "yeah." I walked over to use the restroom while he finished paying. I used the toilet, washed my hands, paused, looked at myself in the mirror and said out loud, "I'm getting fired."

I went out and joined my project manager at the table. We made a little small talk and when we hit a small lull in the conversation, he started in with, "I'm sure you know why we're here." It was pretty generic, but very fitting. We sat and talked for a long while, it was a very positive meeting and I took a lot away from it. I went back to the office, signed the paperwork with my boss, and then was asked to pack up my things and leave that day.

Overall this is a positive thing. I was looking to move on soon and this puts me in a better place financially than if I had quit. Positives aside though, it was a very surreal experience. For much of it (after lunch), I felt very detached from the process, it was as if I was observing what was happening, rather than being a part of it. For over two years they trusted me in foreign countries, a company cell phone, and a company credit card, yet, they spoke of my departure as if I was never trusted to return to the office (even if for a visit). If I forgot anything, just e-mail someone and they could get it for me. I understand they have to protect themselves, but it felt as if I was being voted off the island, rather then respectfully discharged.

Above all though, the oddest thing about it all is a loss of identity. I am no longer a Design Engineer for an environmental company, I am defined by the other things (volunteer, unemployed engineer, etc.). No matter how much you may not like your job, it is still a huge part of who you are and to lose that identity was probably the biggest adjustment of all.

That being said, here's to bigger and better things!


Lindsay Lohan X eHarmony X

my future ex baby momma... god i love you lindsay lohan.....

and yes to those know my type... lindsay lohan would be perfect for me.... gotta love her!


Leica M8 X Lumix DMC-G1 X Ricoh GR2 ?

(LEICA M8 WHITE EDITION msrp: $8 or 9k)

well once again chatting it up with a good friend.. i got drawn in...
wanting more shit i just dont need but really really want.... actually i guess i could use it especially since i use a digital camera every day... however these are less or worker cameras.. and more of bling bling type cameras... and semi-unnecessary what do these cameras all have in common??? well they are all digital cameras yea.... that is pretty obvious....other than that....well basically they are all cameras that i just want... why?? welll because they have the awesome ness.. they have the style... they have the name... they have the tech (ok maybe not the best tech but damn good enough)

*edit and to all the leica haters ... please leave the comments of leicas being over priced lumix's/panaonics (btw i added a lumix i also badly want)

ok so back to the cameras...well currently here are two very limited LEICA M8 DIGITALS... im not gonna bore you with specs..because there is tons of info on the LEICA M8... but just appreciate the awesomeness of these cameras.... the top is the special WHITE edt... and the bottom is the LEICA M8 SAFARI edition


i am currently a user of a canon rebel xsi ...AND NO... THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.... but its not a LEICA

nope... works great.. lots of lenses... great price.. yadda yadda yadda.....

well then... whats my problem??? well knowing that these other cameras exist.... and me not having any extra money to have them in my grubby little hands!!!!

now in addition to the leica m8.. i also lust for these other cameras listed below...

why ??? well the ever so popular mini do it all compact semi slr digital camera.... when i was last in japan the RICOH GR digital was everywhere!

and for very good reason... its sleek its sexy... it fits in you pocket.. and its expandable... you can get some great attachements and have some digital SLR power in a mini micro form....

very famous camera seen with the likes of DESIGN GURU HIROSHI FUJIWARA

why??? ok well micro four thirds thats why... a new standard .. trying to unite cameras digital slrs and new compact cameras.... it seems like a good idea and hopefully it gets implemented... it currently is also compatible with other four thirds system lenses....

micro four thirds is just the newest system to try and unify this crazy camera world in finding a common standard... and i think its a great step in terms of innovation.. however photography is one of those hobbies with some serious retro grouches!!! who hate progress and think.. that if it aint broke.... then dont fix it!!!

the lumix dmc-g1 comes in great colors... and is technically the smallest full functioning slr on the market especially since this camera is without a mirror box... its truly a digital camera... which allows the body to be slightly smaller than a regular digital slr.... but its not really that much smaller...

why??? because micro four thirds... and the way it was meant to be... this camera is the size of a normal pocket point and shoot..

but promising the features of changeable lenses and accessories and etc.. making your once small digital point and shooter a great contender for some serious photography power!!!

this is the ultimate baby.. and i cant wait.. these pictures are quite old so we should be seeing something soon from these guys... but lets just wait and see... if this stuff comes out.. im for sure switching over to micro four thirds... its pretty much what i wanted out of the RICOH GR 2 DIGITAL... but with more support and expandability....


Claremont 56 X OKI-Ni X Independent Music Label

Claremont 56 is an independent label dedicated to releasing beautiful music that has been lovingly crafted and genuinely felt. The music is released in limited edition format and is collected around the world. Oki-Ni is the premiere fashion boutique from London Uk... what happens when you mix the two?

you get some good music! check it out here...

Claremont 56 has a really interesting blog going which can be seen here

the music mixes are also very nice to listen to while im working on the computer, having in the background, and just enjoying some great relaxing time.. those mixes are free to download on their blog...

i personally havnt had the chance to puchase any of their records, esp after having a talk with agent mike in regards to starting up a record collection....

but i just figure im just way to behind... and just even thinking about the money investment its gonna take to start a audiophile record set up and collection is just making me that more hesitant....

but if i had the time and scratch .... you best believe id have some claremont 56 in my collection! but if you are like me and downloading the mixes is all you have time for.. then do so!!! toss on a pair of great headphones!!! and ur ears will thank you!!!
happy listenings!


Kanye and co. on South Park

left-to-right: taz arnold of sa-ra, fonzworth bentley, kanye, don c of sa-ra, and chris julian of fruition/undftd lv

In last night's episode of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker didn't have to get very creative to be funny. Kanye and his people are already caricatures of themselves in real life so they just drew them exactly as they showed up to fashion week in Paris this year.

Peep the original photo that made its rounds on the intarwebz a few months ago, after the jump...


Rock the Bells '09

Another dope line-up for this year's Rock the Bells... and if you're on the left coast, perhaps the last time you can catch The Roots here live before their much deserved touring hiatus.

It's also pretty tight to see Supernat kick a free like that in person.


Ararat, Australia: Population 11,653

If you have met my mom, you know she is from Australia. The common question that proceeds this acquired knowledge is, "where in Australia is she from?" I respond with "Ararat," which with the exception of about 2 occasions get a blank stare, and I follow it with, "about 2 hours outside of Melbourne."

At that point they are usually satisfied and that conversation is over. But now, thanks to the wonders of youtube and the internet, I can point them to the above video and let it do all the talking.

Thanks Chad, Steve, and Jawed!

(what's with the cheesy wannabe porn music during the hot tub scene?!)


Adult Swim April Fool's 2009... Damn you got me

ok... so i guess last night i wasnt the only one confused when the clock struck 12am.... every year i get april fooled like a chump... and last year it was to 2 very good friends who tricked me into thinking one of my homegirls was preggoz... (damn you els and tes!)

and this year??? well ADULT SWIM... lets just say you REALLY caught me off guard....

so..... as i do every night before i sleep.. i switch the channel over to adult swim for some great late night entertainment.... however this time i was on my computer and typing away as the clock turned midnight and then something happened to my precious late night cartoons!

and apparently i wasnt the only one confused as hell!

SO WHAT HAPPENEND? well at about 12 or so im not quite sure.. adult swim changed their normal programming to showing some cheezy ass cheap terrible bad acting cult classic soft core porno.. entitled: "THE ROOM" and let me tell you i had no idea what the heck was going on! i never even heard of this movie before.. and its bad... real bad!!!

i mean you guys did not know what you were missing.. i was confused so bad that i was flipping between the two adult swim channels (east coast and west coast) thinking that my cable company messed up and showed some time... however after about 10 mins of watching this film i knew it was a joke from adult swim....

there was terrible dub overs during the sex scenes...

horrible placements of censorship when the sex scenes were happening...

and just the terrible acting all along had me laughing for a good 5 to 10 minutes.... and honestly i was pissed that someone already got me... on april fools... at 12am on the dot.... damn you ADULT SWIM!!!!!

and kudos... because i was seriously pissed i didnt get to see family guy, or morel orel, or robot chicken...

now off to the rest of my 2009 april fools....