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Leica M8 X Lumix DMC-G1 X Ricoh GR2 ?

(LEICA M8 WHITE EDITION msrp: $8 or 9k)

well once again chatting it up with a good friend.. i got drawn in...
wanting more shit i just dont need but really really want.... actually i guess i could use it especially since i use a digital camera every day... however these are less or worker cameras.. and more of bling bling type cameras... and semi-unnecessary what do these cameras all have in common??? well they are all digital cameras yea.... that is pretty obvious....other than that....well basically they are all cameras that i just want... why?? welll because they have the awesome ness.. they have the style... they have the name... they have the tech (ok maybe not the best tech but damn good enough)

*edit and to all the leica haters ... please leave the comments of leicas being over priced lumix's/panaonics (btw i added a lumix i also badly want)

ok so back to the cameras...well currently here are two very limited LEICA M8 DIGITALS... im not gonna bore you with specs..because there is tons of info on the LEICA M8... but just appreciate the awesomeness of these cameras.... the top is the special WHITE edt... and the bottom is the LEICA M8 SAFARI edition


i am currently a user of a canon rebel xsi ...AND NO... THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.... but its not a LEICA

nope... works great.. lots of lenses... great price.. yadda yadda yadda.....

well then... whats my problem??? well knowing that these other cameras exist.... and me not having any extra money to have them in my grubby little hands!!!!

now in addition to the leica m8.. i also lust for these other cameras listed below...

why ??? well the ever so popular mini do it all compact semi slr digital camera.... when i was last in japan the RICOH GR digital was everywhere!

and for very good reason... its sleek its sexy... it fits in you pocket.. and its expandable... you can get some great attachements and have some digital SLR power in a mini micro form....

very famous camera seen with the likes of DESIGN GURU HIROSHI FUJIWARA

why??? ok well micro four thirds thats why... a new standard .. trying to unite cameras digital slrs and new compact cameras.... it seems like a good idea and hopefully it gets implemented... it currently is also compatible with other four thirds system lenses....

micro four thirds is just the newest system to try and unify this crazy camera world in finding a common standard... and i think its a great step in terms of innovation.. however photography is one of those hobbies with some serious retro grouches!!! who hate progress and think.. that if it aint broke.... then dont fix it!!!

the lumix dmc-g1 comes in great colors... and is technically the smallest full functioning slr on the market especially since this camera is without a mirror box... its truly a digital camera... which allows the body to be slightly smaller than a regular digital slr.... but its not really that much smaller...

why??? because micro four thirds... and the way it was meant to be... this camera is the size of a normal pocket point and shoot..

but promising the features of changeable lenses and accessories and etc.. making your once small digital point and shooter a great contender for some serious photography power!!!

this is the ultimate baby.. and i cant wait.. these pictures are quite old so we should be seeing something soon from these guys... but lets just wait and see... if this stuff comes out.. im for sure switching over to micro four thirds... its pretty much what i wanted out of the RICOH GR 2 DIGITAL... but with more support and expandability....


jano said...

damn, this makes me want to get a new camera... i dropped my lumix on the concrete during a drunken trip to chuck-e-cheese a couple months ago. life hasn't been the same since.

dee said...

leica white edition > leica safari

i want one.

adrian said...

leica white edition camera > leica safari camera

leica white edition camera < leica safari camera with matching bag

The Leica M8 isn't really comparable to an XSi, it's a digital rangefinder as opposed to a digital SLR.

The micro 4/3 could pan out to be a very interesting technology though.

Why no canon love? Just because it ain't beast, don't mean it ain't good! (Just messin with you Jerm).

Dope list of cameras though for sure.

Richie said...

Sigma DP2, compact point and shoot with an SLR sized image sensor.