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Furniture Findings: The Random Light by Bertjan Pot (2001)

Alright.... ima start presenting some of my furniture findings/recent purchases.. if its something i love as much as great bikes or random fashion... it's awesomely (yes thats a word) designed furniture pieces.. i got a really cool light to add to my collection... its the Random light by Bertjan Pot presented by Moooi. this piece is beautiful... its fun its lively its random! The way it was constructed is by strands of fiberglass wrapped around and hardened with an epoxy resin.... the area where the light fixture attaches to the globe was hella sketch.. so i added two sheets of fiberglass cloth and resin and sandwiched the globe between the sheets.. then sprayed it white with acryillic gloss white paint.... drilled out a whole and re attached the entire light fixture back together....

yea i know on some bob villa shit rite there.. but i love it... looks awezzommee.. and yea.... enjoyzzz..

thanks to my girl HILARY for the love for the light!!! ima love it... cant wait to find a spot to put it up.....


Sunday Quickie

SF got first ever "Bicycle Only Traffic Light". I love the concept, but have big qualms over the symbol. It looks like some bird between two glowing rocks...

Read [via sfist]

Seriously people, big concepts require big graphic translations...But in the end, it marks a progression towards a "bigger" velo-destrian addressment in the city of velo-love. There are tons of weird intersections in this city and I am quite interested in seeing where there will be the next implementation. Anything like this happening in your hoodz?


Q. Tip is Makin a Comeback!

Lately I have been falling back in love with music (especially hip hop). Some of it is slowing down and enjoying the things I used to love and some of it is the recent purchase of these cans (there's thing I never heard before!) Regardless of what music I've been into in the past, one thing has stayed consistent, if I couldn't decide what to listen to, Tribe ALWAYS sounded fresh to my ears. Their use of timeless Jazz samples mixed with their command of the English language created classics that, fiascogate aside, continue to influence all styles of music today (and don't think fiascogate was anything more than internet bull, peep the Paris, Tokyo Remix).

As Tribe's prominence slowly died out and music trends changed, many of the individuals tried to make it on their own, most successfully Q-Tip (If you don't remember Breathe and Stop, don't TELL me you don't remember the bass line from Vivrant Thing!). Tip's solo excursions were not as successful as his days with Tribe but he has been staying around and producing ever since.

Lately though Tip has been making a comeback. A couple months ago while listening to Giles Peterson's radio program online he dropped a new Joint from Q. Tip called Gettin' Up

I think I replayed it 3 times that night and have been doing so since. Then along came Rock The Bells in August and Tip came out and did a 30 min set of solo stuff, new and old, with Mos Def as back up and absolutely killed it (can we say Blackstar 2? A guy can dream...). Long story short, Q-Tip is droppin his new album The Renaissance on election day so I know what I'm doing right after casting my vote for Obama!

I'm sure we will be hearing more from the Abstract Poetic but until then, here's some vids to keep your interest



Not really much to say here.. thanks to the homie for sending me this greatness.... Diesel and their ad company teamed up to continue celebrating Diesel's anniversary with a totally wacky video and insane party all over the world..... i want to goez....


creativity media
diesel xxx


SLACKER UPRISING - A New Film by Michael Moore

Author and Documentary Film maker Michael Moore (best known for his controversial films Faranheit 911 and Sicko) has come out with a new documentary film called Slacker Uprising. This film is about a national college tour he put on in 2004 to get young people to vote Bush out of office. The film is about his tour and the problems that came up (the show was canceled at a dozen or so campuses).

Moore has released the film for free download to anyone in the US and Canada as thanks to his fans for their support over the years and to try to get more young people out to vote for this years election. Moore stated on the website:

"You have my blanket permission to share the movie with your friends, to set up screenings in your communities or theaters, to show it on your campuses -- all at no charge. I encourage you to rally voters with it, to raise funds for your favorite candidates, to air it on your local cable access channels or web broadcasts."

I encourage you to download and check it out but most of all, register to vote, get your friends to register, and then get them to register THEIR friends. This is not vote or die but as a young person, your decision to vote this year will effect your quality of life, quite possibly, more than any other decision you have made in your life thus far.


"I'm scraping on my Scraper Bike!" - Scrapers and Stereo Bikes

This isn't anything new actualy.. its been floating around the intrawebz for a while now... and i was reading on NPR's site and i found this neat article on it.... CLICK HERE.... The article reminded me of "Alternative Bike" cultures and todays youth so i figured why not and blog about it here to the ¢ollective.... i love bikes obviously.. and SCRAPER BIKES are just as bad could pay homage to the scraper bike which originate from the mean streets of OAKLAND where hyphy, going stupid, dumb, and thizzing is a way of life. 

Now as we go from the west ... we gotta represent the east.. .and in NEW YORK... they answer the Scraper bike with their very own "Stereobike"...This leads us to the documentary ive seen a while ago called "MADE IN QUEENS" about the east coast and their "alternative" bike culture...With the main focus being about "Stereobikes" and their influence on a group of Trindadians from Queens and their life growing up on the streets of New York.  These bikes are basically bikes with crazy ass sound systems that would post most cars to shame. read on!

click here for more info on MADE IN QUEENS!

If its one thing that links the two coasts, its street culture and this bike movement we are seeing from all around the world. from your hipster fixed riders, to your scrapers in oakland, to booming systems in new york... it is obvious that biking and bike culture and its influence on todays youth is a force to be reckoned with, people have really taken something that is really considered timeless and historic and incorporated it, influenced it, and evolved it into their very own lives and culture which is relevant to their everyday life.

now im not in the middle of building anything like a scraper or a stereo bike.. but i do applaud the efforts these kids are making in trying to do something positive and fun with their time and friends, rather than to be out there running the streets and causing ruckus, drugs, etc.....

now i feel like buiding a new bike....

oh wait i am ;)
more on that later!


No one on the corner has SWAGGER LIKE PUFF!!!!!

ok ima keep this going... i went from great rapper to wack rapper... and now i go from sampled beat to sampled beat..... so here we go.... SWAGGER LIKE PUFF.... i ripped this song a few days ago.. and then see that my homie BIG C had the same shit in his away why not.. lets share this with the world..... why is P DIDDY so awesome?!!?!? because of shit like this... keepin shit on top since you were baby boys..... foreals...

hahah seriously i love this man.. no homo... this dude is great..thats why hes on "forbes top 100 while you are on forbes top nothin!". and because of just recklessness like THE VIDEO REMIX PART 2... makes me love him even more.. no homo.... in true diddy fashion this is the remix (video that is).... and also the track for you to download and bump in ya whipppp.....

ps. on a side note.. how legal is it to drive around town with no doors on your car?!

lulz.... he duz it for the lulz.....



He Who is Lil Wayne

Now lil Wayne's success is nothing new, he's been well known for almost a decade now (remember Cash Money Millionaires?) but let's be honest here, the man is HUGE right now, larger than life. Personally, I am not a big fan oh his music (go ahead and hate) but I have to admit that it is oddly infectious. There are more people rockin out to A milli than you would ever expect (not to mention everyone and their mom is remixin over the beat). When trying to sum up Lil Wayne, my homie put it best, "he doesn't rap about anything, but he does it so well!"

Now I didn't doubt Weezy's album was gonna be big, but I did not foresee the influence and success he would have (with one song alone). It's one thing to have Jay-Z hop on a remix (that's big), but when you have countless remixes including one about Obama, you are the musical guest for SNL's first episode of the season AND the daily show finds a way to work you into one of their reports, you have transcended "urban music" and become a mainstay of pop culture (if not for just a couple months). Hate him or love him, you can't hate his hustle, and I have a feeling he's gonna just get bigger and bigger.

(Go to the 3 minute mark to skip to the scene)


Kobe Shaq and Mellloooooooo..... The Lebron James Rap

ok to keep my rap posts going i had to ofset the good with the bad..... i made post about how great NAS is... now how about a post of how wack this dude is.... just watch the video and see what im talking about.... This damn song had me and agent mike singing random lines all weekend.... maybe is great in a werid way.... whatever the case... his crossover still sucks....


Pedobear is coming...

Pedobear is coming..... stay tuned...


National PARK(ing) Day


It's It was one of those rare sunny and warm days in the city of San Francisco-- why not enjoy it at the park (forget about work because obviously I have)? Today marks the third annual National Park(ing) Day so get out there and reclaim some urban space. Follow me after the jump for participating cities, maps and a little history.

Dates of the first Park(ing) Day are a little varied, but here's a little background info. This day is an opportunity to celebrate parks in urban cities and also to promote the need for more recreational and relaxing spaces. Living in a city like SF you tend to forget how important these public spaces are. Now that I'm lucky enough to live in a part of the city that's surrounded by parks (Duboce Park, Buena Vista Park, Dolores Park and Golden Gate Park), I've come to appreciate this movement.

Even if you don't plan on participating at least check out your nearest park. Folks have got some interesting ideas.


Nas : The Jones Experience (feat. Talib Kweli)

Sup people. its been a while! First off... Thank you Nas for making me love hip hop again. could it have been because ive been faded off my ass or you are just the bomb... id like to think just a mixture of the two and being in the beautiful House of Blues of Chicago. Im not gonna lie, ive been rather dissapointed as of lately with hip hop shows. but seeing Nas live changed that all. i do remember seeing Nas a few years ago but nothing like when i saw him at the House of Blues.

I always said that i wouldnt spend any money on any hip hop shows ever again. Actually i didnt even pay for this ticket as well... as i was a guest of Mr. Kweli and his manager (Thanks Big John) but what a treat! Talib opened the show doing a VERY brief 20-30 min performance of course hitting all his hits and some blackstar stuff.. tell you the truth it was ok... but then Nas came on and made me remember what hip hop was all about... its very hard to explain what i witnessed but if you have a chance go see him live.. and just see the range of hits he has.... he did it all.. and he was an amazing performer.... and when you are ultra faded to the max you gotta see ONE MIC performed live.... its something to see before you die.... SRSLY...


Chris Brown, WTF?!

So as I was looking around on amazon for some things and I typed in Chris Brown, not realizing that I was still in Health and Personal Care. So What pops up you ask?!


It's no wonder women love Chris Brown!

(And don't go thinkin' I photoshopped it, not my thing)


a friendly reminder...

from an artist who left this for me as i turned the corner after a pleasant lunch out.
49 days left...exercise your right. get registered. get your friends, significant other, neighbor, coworkers, enemies, suitors, facebook contacts, parents etc. registered.


Career Change?

I always told myself that if I got shot, I would start my rap career. Considering the credibility of much of the mainstream music produced in recent years is based on such an event (and lots of bass, don't worry Carlos, I got you), I figure my race and social status is pretty irrelevant.

Recently though, I have found myself at a professional crossroads. Last weekend I fell on my bicycle which resulted in a fractured clavicle, a bruised up knee, a broken tooth and my jaw broken in 4 places. So where am I going with this? To fix my jaw, they clamped it shut...can we say the next Kanye?!?

My first joint would have to be called "Through The Rubber" (I'm rubber banded shut, not wired) and like Kanye not being too cool for the safe belt, I wasn't too cool for my helmet, I even got a hook on some beats. This is where the problems start. First, falling off a bike just isn't that hardcore. If I based my career off of being shot, I could seamlessly move into music based off of money, and then misogyny, and then I could finally move to duet "love" songs (a la Ja Rule) and alternate between money, misogyny, and "love" duets for many years.If I tried to be the next Kanye, I would have to base my career on lyrical ability, amazing beats, over the top style, and a confidence that I could not possess if I tried. And this is not taking into account the fact that my 1st single sounds like it should be about finding the morning after pill as opposed to starting my rap career. So after taking it into account, I think an engineer I will stay but while I am on music, you peeped the new T-Wayne video?

Not big on the song but the video reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight meets Kanye's Good Life


The End of an Era

For longer than I have been alive (33 years to be exact), Don LaFontaine has been a part of most people's movie going experience, yet they probably have no idea who he is. For the past 33 years, Don LaFontaine has been the voice of over 5000 movie trailers, most noticeably for the line "In a world where..."

He has been parodied by many people including Pablo Fransico:

And more recently himself:

While being one of the least visible people in Hollywood, he has stayed one of the most prominent and well known (whether you were aware of it or not).

So after 33 years of service to the movie industry, here's to you Don LaFontaine, the trailers will never be the same!