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Nas : The Jones Experience (feat. Talib Kweli)

Sup people. its been a while! First off... Thank you Nas for making me love hip hop again. could it have been because ive been faded off my ass or you are just the bomb... id like to think just a mixture of the two and being in the beautiful House of Blues of Chicago. Im not gonna lie, ive been rather dissapointed as of lately with hip hop shows. but seeing Nas live changed that all. i do remember seeing Nas a few years ago but nothing like when i saw him at the House of Blues.

I always said that i wouldnt spend any money on any hip hop shows ever again. Actually i didnt even pay for this ticket as well... as i was a guest of Mr. Kweli and his manager (Thanks Big John) but what a treat! Talib opened the show doing a VERY brief 20-30 min performance of course hitting all his hits and some blackstar stuff.. tell you the truth it was ok... but then Nas came on and made me remember what hip hop was all about... its very hard to explain what i witnessed but if you have a chance go see him live.. and just see the range of hits he has.... he did it all.. and he was an amazing performer.... and when you are ultra faded to the max you gotta see ONE MIC performed live.... its something to see before you die.... SRSLY...


dee said...

see, what'd i say?! and you said nas fell off.

adrian said...

He did, I remember!

What a hater...atleast he's come to his senses