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National PARK(ing) Day


It's It was one of those rare sunny and warm days in the city of San Francisco-- why not enjoy it at the park (forget about work because obviously I have)? Today marks the third annual National Park(ing) Day so get out there and reclaim some urban space. Follow me after the jump for participating cities, maps and a little history.

Dates of the first Park(ing) Day are a little varied, but here's a little background info. This day is an opportunity to celebrate parks in urban cities and also to promote the need for more recreational and relaxing spaces. Living in a city like SF you tend to forget how important these public spaces are. Now that I'm lucky enough to live in a part of the city that's surrounded by parks (Duboce Park, Buena Vista Park, Dolores Park and Golden Gate Park), I've come to appreciate this movement.

Even if you don't plan on participating at least check out your nearest park. Folks have got some interesting ideas.


Anonymous said...

i totally heard about this on the radio the other day... and was like wtf are they talking about.. shit made no sense.... thanks for clearin this up!