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Career Change?

I always told myself that if I got shot, I would start my rap career. Considering the credibility of much of the mainstream music produced in recent years is based on such an event (and lots of bass, don't worry Carlos, I got you), I figure my race and social status is pretty irrelevant.

Recently though, I have found myself at a professional crossroads. Last weekend I fell on my bicycle which resulted in a fractured clavicle, a bruised up knee, a broken tooth and my jaw broken in 4 places. So where am I going with this? To fix my jaw, they clamped it shut...can we say the next Kanye?!?

My first joint would have to be called "Through The Rubber" (I'm rubber banded shut, not wired) and like Kanye not being too cool for the safe belt, I wasn't too cool for my helmet, I even got a hook on some beats. This is where the problems start. First, falling off a bike just isn't that hardcore. If I based my career off of being shot, I could seamlessly move into music based off of money, and then misogyny, and then I could finally move to duet "love" songs (a la Ja Rule) and alternate between money, misogyny, and "love" duets for many years.If I tried to be the next Kanye, I would have to base my career on lyrical ability, amazing beats, over the top style, and a confidence that I could not possess if I tried. And this is not taking into account the fact that my 1st single sounds like it should be about finding the morning after pill as opposed to starting my rap career. So after taking it into account, I think an engineer I will stay but while I am on music, you peeped the new T-Wayne video?

Not big on the song but the video reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight meets Kanye's Good Life


dee said...

lolz good post.