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Q. Tip is Makin a Comeback!

Lately I have been falling back in love with music (especially hip hop). Some of it is slowing down and enjoying the things I used to love and some of it is the recent purchase of these cans (there's thing I never heard before!) Regardless of what music I've been into in the past, one thing has stayed consistent, if I couldn't decide what to listen to, Tribe ALWAYS sounded fresh to my ears. Their use of timeless Jazz samples mixed with their command of the English language created classics that, fiascogate aside, continue to influence all styles of music today (and don't think fiascogate was anything more than internet bull, peep the Paris, Tokyo Remix).

As Tribe's prominence slowly died out and music trends changed, many of the individuals tried to make it on their own, most successfully Q-Tip (If you don't remember Breathe and Stop, don't TELL me you don't remember the bass line from Vivrant Thing!). Tip's solo excursions were not as successful as his days with Tribe but he has been staying around and producing ever since.

Lately though Tip has been making a comeback. A couple months ago while listening to Giles Peterson's radio program online he dropped a new Joint from Q. Tip called Gettin' Up

I think I replayed it 3 times that night and have been doing so since. Then along came Rock The Bells in August and Tip came out and did a 30 min set of solo stuff, new and old, with Mos Def as back up and absolutely killed it (can we say Blackstar 2? A guy can dream...). Long story short, Q-Tip is droppin his new album The Renaissance on election day so I know what I'm doing right after casting my vote for Obama!

I'm sure we will be hearing more from the Abstract Poetic but until then, here's some vids to keep your interest


dee said...

"Lately I have been falling back in love with music (especially hip hop)."

WORD to that.

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