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"I'm scraping on my Scraper Bike!" - Scrapers and Stereo Bikes

This isn't anything new actualy.. its been floating around the intrawebz for a while now... and i was reading on NPR's site and i found this neat article on it.... CLICK HERE.... The article reminded me of "Alternative Bike" cultures and todays youth so i figured why not and blog about it here to the ¢ollective.... i love bikes obviously.. and SCRAPER BIKES are just as bad could pay homage to the scraper bike which originate from the mean streets of OAKLAND where hyphy, going stupid, dumb, and thizzing is a way of life. 

Now as we go from the west ... we gotta represent the east.. .and in NEW YORK... they answer the Scraper bike with their very own "Stereobike"...This leads us to the documentary ive seen a while ago called "MADE IN QUEENS" about the east coast and their "alternative" bike culture...With the main focus being about "Stereobikes" and their influence on a group of Trindadians from Queens and their life growing up on the streets of New York.  These bikes are basically bikes with crazy ass sound systems that would post most cars to shame. read on!

click here for more info on MADE IN QUEENS!

If its one thing that links the two coasts, its street culture and this bike movement we are seeing from all around the world. from your hipster fixed riders, to your scrapers in oakland, to booming systems in new york... it is obvious that biking and bike culture and its influence on todays youth is a force to be reckoned with, people have really taken something that is really considered timeless and historic and incorporated it, influenced it, and evolved it into their very own lives and culture which is relevant to their everyday life.

now im not in the middle of building anything like a scraper or a stereo bike.. but i do applaud the efforts these kids are making in trying to do something positive and fun with their time and friends, rather than to be out there running the streets and causing ruckus, drugs, etc.....

now i feel like buiding a new bike....

oh wait i am ;)
more on that later!