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SLACKER UPRISING - A New Film by Michael Moore

Author and Documentary Film maker Michael Moore (best known for his controversial films Faranheit 911 and Sicko) has come out with a new documentary film called Slacker Uprising. This film is about a national college tour he put on in 2004 to get young people to vote Bush out of office. The film is about his tour and the problems that came up (the show was canceled at a dozen or so campuses).

Moore has released the film for free download to anyone in the US and Canada as thanks to his fans for their support over the years and to try to get more young people out to vote for this years election. Moore stated on the website:

"You have my blanket permission to share the movie with your friends, to set up screenings in your communities or theaters, to show it on your campuses -- all at no charge. I encourage you to rally voters with it, to raise funds for your favorite candidates, to air it on your local cable access channels or web broadcasts."

I encourage you to download and check it out but most of all, register to vote, get your friends to register, and then get them to register THEIR friends. This is not vote or die but as a young person, your decision to vote this year will effect your quality of life, quite possibly, more than any other decision you have made in your life thus far.