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He Who is Lil Wayne

Now lil Wayne's success is nothing new, he's been well known for almost a decade now (remember Cash Money Millionaires?) but let's be honest here, the man is HUGE right now, larger than life. Personally, I am not a big fan oh his music (go ahead and hate) but I have to admit that it is oddly infectious. There are more people rockin out to A milli than you would ever expect (not to mention everyone and their mom is remixin over the beat). When trying to sum up Lil Wayne, my homie put it best, "he doesn't rap about anything, but he does it so well!"

Now I didn't doubt Weezy's album was gonna be big, but I did not foresee the influence and success he would have (with one song alone). It's one thing to have Jay-Z hop on a remix (that's big), but when you have countless remixes including one about Obama, you are the musical guest for SNL's first episode of the season AND the daily show finds a way to work you into one of their reports, you have transcended "urban music" and become a mainstay of pop culture (if not for just a couple months). Hate him or love him, you can't hate his hustle, and I have a feeling he's gonna just get bigger and bigger.

(Go to the 3 minute mark to skip to the scene)