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Bay Area GET DOWN! What's Jerkin?

Well.. Another dance craze to report on. Now a few of us from the ¢ollective were in the bay area last weekend for SF BEERFEST, which was totally awesome btw. (Big ups to Agent Adrian for the organization of such a large crew from Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, all over CA.)

So here we were, a few of us in the Westfield Shopping Centre SF / Powell Bart Station Mall. and i was headed out of Bloomingdales with a good friend of mine on the way to check out Clarks or something, and i see a bunch of hypebeast/skater kids straight up just dancing in the mall...

I didnt think anything of it and thought it was just some random crazy stuff. But then i passed these two filipino kids on the escalator (they looked young) and i heard them talking about these other kids (the ones i saw earlier dancing in front of the Banana Republic. And as soon as we stepped off the escalator, he proceeded to attempt his dance moves, which was similar.

It was at that moment i was like WTF is going on... When it all hit me like a MACK truck... THEY WERE JERKIN...

Now here in LA my friends and I have this little inside joke about this song JERKIN by new boyz... One of the good homies would always bump this hard, and now in my car i bump this hard... My favorite Jerkin vid is still with the little kid in the playground on the kiddie slide, thats always funny!

So to all those SF kids i saw in the mall getting down... Go ahead! and get ya JERKIN on!

This is how we get down JERKIN in C-ARSON. South Bay Edition!