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Ok so im sitting here on the intrawebz.. seriously like just going thru some emails with the tv in the background on the 10pm news our local LA CW channel 5.... all of a sudden i hear this madness on tv... i guess ya boy kanye had some ghetto ass commercial/infomercial going.. it was hillarious.... i need to call the number... seriously wtf kanye.. hahahah i love it!!! kinda reminds me on ZOO YORKS copy of HEAD ON... hahaha (click more to see that one)

EDIT: so i called the 1-877-bekanye hotline... it told me to call back tomorrow or check the website HERE totally crazyness all over ... looks like a collabo with ABSOLUT VODKA

ill update more shortly


dee said...

whaaaaaat?! f*%@kin kanye!

Anonymous said...

I wish that was real! I'd like to be Kanye for a few hours! I'm a Kanye fan. It would be interesting to live his life (or still live my own life while looking exactly like him)!