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DIABLO III (3) is coming! GOOD BYE social life!!!

Good bye social life! Hello intrawebzZZ! Blizzard announced Diablo III.... what is that?

Well Diablo is just seriously like one of the greatest games evaRz! lulZ! no really tho... im not really like a super crazy gamer.. ok fine just a little.. i mean i play certain games here and there.. but diablo.. damnn lets take it back real quick rite now... diablo 2 was TEH PWN33ZORRSS! zomg! i cant wait for DIABLO 3... im sure every fan boy on the intrawebz already made a post on this.. so ima keep it sweet and short.. here are just a little bit of specs... and here are some videozzz.. EEXXXPLOOSSIONNNNNN!! (lools and shoutout to the SOREAL CREW!)

General Features

* Five powerful character classes to choose from, including the barbarian and witch doctor
* Brand-new 3D graphics engine enhanced with spectacular visual effects and Havok physics
* Numerous indoor and outdoor areas detailing new regions in the world of Sanctuary
* Interactive environments with dangerous traps and obstacles, and destructible elements
* Randomly generated worlds bolstered by scripted events for endless and dynamic gameplay
* Vast assortment of fiendish monsters, with unique attack patterns and behaviors
* New quest system and character-customization options for the ultimate action RPG experience
* Multiplayer functionality over with support for cooperative and competitive play


dee said...
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dee said...

oh hellz no you didn't make a shoutout to soreal cru. LULZ!

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