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Classic Nickelodeon : we miss you!

Ok kids... Ok fine.. we aint really kids no more.. but if thats the case then for damn sure Nickelodeon isnt Nickelodeon of the good ol days!!

Because seriously i woke up like one saturday or sunday really early...And i told myself you know what fuck it lets just watch cartoons and have some cereal (ok i had some grown ass KASHI) but still, it was the thought that counts... and i turned on the TV and BAM! im like WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to the early morning cartoons... so then i go to NICKELODEON and was like.. ok lets see whats really good over at NICK.. and i was like WTF IS THIS CRAP!?
so this is what the post is all about here.. the good ol days.. where you stayed up all night playing video games... woke up early to watch some cartoons... and then went outside to go play... And if you are like me and like going down good ol memory lane ... Then go ahead and peep the video... ( for the true kids who grew up on Nick... im talking bout you early 80s babies) some of the shows in this flick are a tad bit new school, but most were still the good ones you grew to love as a kid!

NOW.. im a little bias... and im gonnna say that "HEY DUDE!" was probably my favorite... and of course with the hot ass super hot sexy sex kitten CHRISTINE TAYLOR and where the hell is JOE TORRES?!?!

Well there was my rant... now everyone.. pout out a little liquor (because i know most of yall over 21 now) and lets just sit back and reminisce about the good ol days of good tv... and whatever that means to you...feel free to leave a comment about what you miss about tv.... thats right.. im here.. your host... the lines will be open all night... go ahead and call in with your requests..ill be taking calls all night....


mike said...

who could've guessed that blake from salute your shorts would become an indie rockstar?

and who knew keenan would go on to be in the SNL cast?

and who woulda thought that kel would go on to host dance 360 and then fall of the face of the planet?

... ok maybe that one was predictable.

p.s. are you afraid of the dark used to scare the bejesus out of me (ok maybe it still does a little bit)

adrian said...

Everyday French with Pierre Escargot was the shit! (remember Saggin Baggin Barry as well?)

And Clarissa (explains it all) was the ultimate computer game programmer. The quickness she created games and the graffix for the time were beyond comparison.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha WOW....yes clarissa was the ultimate computer game programmer...

she pwn3ddd