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Sojourner Cafe: Santa Barbara, CA

It's been about a month since I decided to go vegetarian. I don't miss the beef/pork/poultry stuff all that much, but I have to admit that my new diet is seriously lacking in variety. After five weeks of living on assorted veggies, tofu, and veggie and tofu soup, I thought I'd check out a local vegetarian-friendly restaurant and get ideas for meals that I could eventually try cooking at home. The establishment: Sojourner Cafe.

Located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, the Sojourner features a laid-back atmosphere, interesting artwork on every wall, and a menu of mostly vegetarian and organic dishes. I sampled the golden indian dhal with wild rice and yogurt and chutney on top... it was actually more delicious than I thought it was going to be, and surprisingly filling. The dessert menu is excellent (the desserts are labeled by ingredient for folks following vegan diets). I highly reccommend the the chocolate macaroon torte and the vegan chocolate fudge brownie!

Apparently, the Sojourner Cafe has been voted "Best Spot to Dine Alone" by local papers several times in the past. I don't understand that hype, but I did really enjoy my meal and the staff was friendly. The menu truly opened my eyes to different dishes that I want to attempt at home (WTH, Polenta Royale? Gingered Tofu Wonton Pillows?!), but with the affordable prices here, why cook when I can just come back again and again...


adrian said...
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adrian said...

Have you ever thought about checking out your local CSA?

You can search google or check it out here:

Basically you pay for local farmers to bring you a selection of their food weekly or bi-weekly (whatever you choose or is available). It forces you to use what you have and learn to cook with vegetable you might not think to buy otherwise. is always good for ideas and recipes too.

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with Indian!

Dan da Man said...

I could not give up meat i would go INSANE

jano said...

Thanks for the CSA tip. I'll be checking that out!