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KOGA/MIYATA + THEO BOS = The Million Dollar Bike

KOGA which is a bicycle maker from Europe teamed up with world reknowned track superstar cyclist/professional cyclist THEO BOS to pretty much make the most insane custom track bike ever for a single human being to ride. and the cost of said machin? ehh just a cool 1$ million dollars... thats it...Straight up making it rain" for a fixie...

well i guess with a crew like NASA + other aerospace engineers + countless hours in wind tunnels that alone will surly bring up the bill on that R/D real quick! i ALWAYS have discussions with friends about how the cost of bicycle parts arent as cheap as one would think... human powered, very simple in design, no major moving electrical components, etc... yet quest for light, stiff, and aero are never ending!


Cycle maker Koga Miyata is hoping that a one million dollar bike built for Dutch track cyclist Theo Bos will secure him a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.

Koga has spent three and a half years developing a revolutionary frame for Bos, who narrowly missed out on the gold medal at the Athens Olympics four years ago.

Ive always thought of Theo Bos as a beast. now he gets the best bike and the best stage to prove himself.... looks like im gonna be up at odd hours of the days trying to catch a glimpse of the olympic track races... and rooting for my boy!!! go get em Theo!

also while you are at it swing me one of those track bikes so i can throw it on ebay! actually who am i kidding im sure you will cash in like SARAH HAMMER and toss your bike on ebay once you are done! her LOOK 496 track bike ended up fetching a few thousand on ebay recently...


adrian said...


"Straight up makin it rain on a fixie"

mike said...

lol this fool j¢ is all bikes all the time. he has a one "track" mind, if you will. * womp womp *

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