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Ok so i promised myself no more bike posts for a hot second... but shit.. its summer time.. and i get this email from good ol BRAD @ RVCA... (brads the VP brand manager @ rvca.. and he loves life) ok... so check it out.. he sent me pictures of what heaven looks like..

the details on the bike? well this is straight from rvca
50 limited edition bicycles have been produced to celebrate this collaboration and provide access to the public to purchase a commemorative piece from the Pressure Show, debuting on Thursday 19th June at VASF in San Francisco.
Available in 3 frame sizes (54, 56 or 58) and showcasing artwork by world renown artist Barry McGee, they are sure to become a collector’s item in the years to come.

Cost per complete bicycle - $3,700.00US
Cost per frame kit – $2,100.00US

25 units of each have been produced.

Please note that unit cost does not include delivery charges.
For further sales enquires please contact Brad Blankinship on

so click here and peep the frame

These frames are based on the geometry of the CINELLI SUPER CORSA PISTA... very classic frame from a great Italian company. they are simply beautiful, even though i wish the frameset was cheaper, its not. and to some it maybe worth it just to have something this special. and the other bad thing is that they dont have my size... can i get away with a 54? maybe.. but id love to have my exact size 52.. especially if i was spending that kinda cheese...

oh and to brad... thanks for ruining my work week.. instead of concentrating on what i have to do.. i will now have dreams and visions of riding this rvca x cinelli through fields filled with daffodils and daisies toward a party with free booze and orgies while topless big breasted women cheer me on and throw confetti in the air....



mike said...

LOOLZ.. that's basically the colorway i was going for (even the chrome stays which i wasn't able to get), just a deeper red. that's basically my green, though. haha.

pretty bike.

mike said...

also.. failz for not having a 50/51 (as if i woulda gotten one anyway. haha)

nuts said...

i can haz weelz?

spence said...

frame is sick. barry mcgee is a genius...just saw him in this movie about like street art and skating and shit. site is good.