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Yves Saint Laurent : Remembering a Legend

Well its been a few weeks and ive been meaning to make a post on this.. So better late than never... A few weeks ago a good friend of mine from LVMH group (the brand house for LOUIS VUTTION etc...) told me that designer extraordinaire Yves Saint Laurent has passed away.

Yves Saint Laurent, one of the top French designers of the 20th century, died last night (June 1 2008)in Paris, a source in the fashion icon's foundation said.

Laurent, like Lagerfeld, Slimane, Jacobs, etc have always influenced my style and taste... and basically they been killing it lately. Bridging high fashion to everyone and everyday use. reminding me why i love clothing and fashion and design in the first place.

As of lately YSL has been releasing very interesting pieces for ready wear and accessories... my favorite has always been the sunglasses and shoes... simply because im too broke to afford the clothing, but hell atleast i can get a little taste and get something right?

A personal favorite has been the YSL ROLLING SNEAKERS... a good friend already has the black patent ones from 07/08 season, and with the success of the sneaker, YSL decided to roll out some more colors in the ROLLINGS! yayy... HERE IS a little catalog scan to check out what im talking about...  The shoes retail for about $410


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