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Gumball 3000 Does San Diego

On Sunday Afternoon, the Gumball 3000 rally rolled through San Diego for it's 3rd stop on the Rally. Most of the cars were exotics which makes sense since the entry fee is $100k+ (seemed to be a lot of snooty British people). Because there were so many nice cars, even the two Prosche Carerra GTs got lost in the sea of money. The cars that stuck out were the different ones such as the 5&A Dime car (above) which they are racing WITH the bike on top, and the skater Sal Barbier's car (below) which was beat to hell, complete with the Mexican blanket across the back seats. I wish I had caught a picture of the whole car and I wish I could have seen what was inside the hood!

Among my other favorite standout cars was the super stealth Ford GT40:
Some Crazy European Import (the center one)
And this chromed out (yes the whole car, not the wheels) Lambo that some Sheik was driving, hopped out in robe and everything.
And of course Symbolic Auto in SD had to bring some heat so they dropped of a Bugatti just to show off
All in all, it was an interesting spectacle to ride down and see although the Juxtaposition of a a homeless person digging through the trash right next to the chromed out Lambo was a lot more interesting to look at and think about.