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A Slice of Bacon a Day...

Matty Sallin, a (what looks to be) multi-medium designer out of New York, has come up with a new alarm clock design. Not content with alarm clocks that only use sound to wake someone up, he has come up with the Wake n' Bacon.

You put a slice of frozen bacon in the alarm clock the night before, you set your alarm, and 10 minutes before your alarm is set to go off, 2 halogen lamps turn on and begin to cook the bacon. From what I have gathered, there is no auditory alarm that accompanies this, you are just woken up by the sound and smell of crackling bacon.

Possible safety issues aside (I would hope they put a timed cut-off for the lamps or something on it so that fires don't start), the design kind of reminds me of some of Furni's creations (mainly just because it's a wood alarm clock). Although my Jewish friends will probably not be big on the design, I bet the hog farmers of America are hoping it takes off!


mike said...

why when you can just use a foreman grill?