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The Legendary Roots Crew... oh yeah, and Jimmy Fallon Too

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Like many Roots fans, I was shocked and a little disappointed when it was confirmed that The Roots were officially Jimmy Fallon's house band for the new "Late Night Show." I was shocked for two reasons: 1) word on the street was that The Roots were retiring (I honestly think I'd cry if this happened) and 2) if the thought that The Roots would ever transition to a late night show house band had ever crossed my mind, never in a million years would I have thought it would be for Jimmy Fallon. I don't know who would be a more appropriate match, but it's certainly not Jimmy.

If it weren't for The Roots, I probably wouldn't give Fallon's show a chance. I mean, alright, the guy's not terrible; he's cracked a few good jokes here and there on SNL (no examples currently come to mind...) but I wouldn't give him his very own show. However, the thought that I could actually watch The Roots perform five nights a week was kind of appealing. I've seen them live a handful of times and there's a definite reason why they are called "The Legendary Roots Crew." For this reason alone, I hulu'd Late Night with Jimmy Fallon...

So far, I've only seen one full episode (the very first one) along with snippets from the second and third. Dude has an amazing line up of guests for this week (Justin Timberlake, Tina Fey, Santigold & Spank Rock, Jon Bon Jovi, Serena Williams) which seemed kind of promising. His very first opening monologue was decent. He had one joke that I thought was exceptional. But as I got further into the episode, it become a little painful to watch. At times Fallon and his skits were so awkward I couldn't look... I even started to feel kinda bad for the guy. You could tell he was real nervous (I think he might have even said that 3 or 4 times) and his guests easily stole his spotlight (i.e. Justin Timberlake). At least his suit looked good.

I have yet to be convinced that this whole thing was a good idea. Yes, it's pretty damn cool to see the Roots do their thang Monday through Friday, but I wonder if Fallon's show will become something great (dare I say, legendary) or if he'll just end up buckling from the pressure. I mean, srsly, I've read way more blogs and boards discussing the future of the Roots after this move, not Jimmy, and I'm pretty sure his show wouldn't have been so hyped up if he hadn't snagged ?uesto et al. Watching the show, you kind of feel like you're watching "Late Night with the Roots." But then again, maybe I feel that way because I'm obviously biased. It's just difficult to think that the Roots will be taking a backseat (not to mention doing cheesy late night show bits)-- that this isn't solely their stage or their show... it's Jimmy Fallon's. I guess we'll just have to see what'll happen. Here's hoping that Jimmy can hold his own.


adrian said...

Man do ever I agree with you.

I feel like the roots setup is a little awkward, I like black thought and think they use him better than I had thought they would but it definitely does feel like the roots show (maybe that's because I tuned into hulu to watch it for the roots though).

I have always liked Jimmy Fallon in general but I think his biggest downfall (as well as some of the other SNL actors of his time) is his inability to keep it together when things get ridiculous and really funny.

Although it is sometimes good to laugh at your own jokes, when you're really trying to sell a joke, a lot of the delivery can be lost when you start breaking into laughter half way through.

Who knows, we'll see though. That definitely WAS a nice suit, I thought the same thing at the time.