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Art Galleries Are So 3 Years Ago

A good friend of mine passed this along to me today and it reminded me a lot of something I remember from a while back:

While much of youtube's bandwidth is used on funny TV clips, clips from people with too much time on their hands, and random funny stuff, every once in a while you will find some really good original content on there. While, youtube is usually thought of as a giant waste of time, it also serves as an outlet for people without the connects, know-how, or, in some cases, the want to get their art or personal projects out for people to see them. While some will become internet phenomenons, others will just be shared with friends and enjoyed by the random passer by.

So maybe youtube isn't such a waste of time after all, then again...maybe it is..(ahhhhh white people...).


mike said...

that was dope. lol they even got a theramin in there.

adrian said...

I know man, that's the thing that stuck out to me too.

mike said...

this one is super tight and has vocals/rap:

i love this whole concept. it's a great example of what makes the internet so amazing.. that it's such a great tool for pooling the public's collective talents and creating something that's greater than the sum of its parts (or whatever).