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Twitter? Let's see

Social Networking is nothing new to the internet but ever since the sale of Facebook and Myspace for more money than I would EVER know what to do with, next to buy a country, everyone wants some of that pie.

I've been hearing about Twitter for a while now but never though much of it (as if a facebook and myspace weren't enough). Then, while listening to Talk of the Nation: Science Friday on NPR, they were talking about how they were twittering and people were asking questions via twitter. This made me a bit more curious, but not enough to join. Then a couple weeks back I was watching the video above and when asked what 2009's big blog will be, ?uestlove responded with Twitter is THE blog for 2009 because of the ADD society and people needing everything quick and right now.

Then just this last weekend I'm at my homegirl's house and notice she has twitter so I open it up to take a look and basically it is facebook updates....THAT'S IT. You can post no more than 140 characters, no pictures, no embedding, no hyperlinks, no bells and whistles, it's just news feeds from whoever you choose to follow. Depending upon who you follow you can get anything from the news (NPR shows are on there), to a link to a funny video to "I just worked out" (from one of your friends).

On top of that. Twitter can be done from your mobile phone. Twitter was actually the first source to know that the roots tour bus got in a wreck a while back (?uest twittered from the ambulance). So I figure, what the hell, let me see what this is all about, if it's whack I can drop it. So if you care to join in, create and account, find me, and let's see what's up!


El Keter said...

All due respect to ?uesto, but Twitter isn't a blog. And people treating it like one is one of the things that makes it unattractive, unwieldy and a tricky method of sharing information or staying in "contact" with people. It is the ultimate self-indulgent Web 2.0 nightmare (I used to think Facebook took that honor, but I've grown wot accept it) since so many people are addicted to it. These are the people (some of them "celebrities") "tweeting" everything...Every party they go to, meal they eat, snack they have, show or movie they watch, shirt they put on, walk they go on, etc. This sort of over-sharing doesn't make me feel more connected to these people, or more informed, it just makes it seem like they're addicted to talking about themselves via their Blackberry and that they have difficulty paying attention to the actual activities they're supposed to be involved in or are bad at socializing and prefer living through their phones or laptops. This is especially infuriating in a time where our country seems to be slipping into a depression, people are losing their jobs and homes and can barely pay their bills, yet a whole class of self-obsessed people seem to spend every waking promoting their every excess via instantaneous text messages sent with extravagant pocket-sized computers. Honestly, there are a couple of people I consider close friends who I've begun to despise because of their "tweeting" habits. And they're people I love! What would happen if they were just some public figure who I'm only mildly interested in? Personally, I'm only looking at Twitter as a way to share links to more in-depth information that's posted elsewhere, as a way to share the occasional tidbit about my life and to glean the occasional link from or tidbit about others. It's certainly not a major source for information or opinions like blogs or other content-heavy websites.

It did lead me here to your blog though, so it's definitely good for something.

Anonymous said...