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The International Yo-Yo Open is coming!!! Aug 8-9 2008 NYC!!!

The INTERNATIONAL Yo-Yo OPEN is coming to USA . It's August 8th and 9th and it will be held in New York.. Ok so im prolly the only one in the world who cares.. but Yo-Yos are awesome! so kiss my ass! So if you are in the area and have some extra free time or (have no life) i highly suggest you switch it up for a bit and go check it out..ok so now with that said these guys are totally insane and are my idols.

Now when it comes to Yo-Yo's... Whos the man you ask? One name... Hiroyuki... or Paul Han... well ok fine maybe two names... check out the video above to see how godly Hiroyuki is and how women all around the world just drop the panties and wanna jump his bones...

..... DAMN.. you want more seriously? this freaking post was about YO YOs... aint nuthing really more to report.. ok fine.. you wanna step your YO YO game up? here check this website out.. and cop one for like $100+ not your ghetto around the corner liquor store yo yo huh....

AND check out TEAM ANTI-YO also.. because they PWN3Z when it comes to the YOz!


adrian said...

man.....that takes me back to like 8th grade, we used to be all into that ish, and the Japanese have ALWAYS been the best.

I actually won 2nd place in my division at out regional competition and won a limited edition Cold Fusion