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5&A DIME Does Gumball 3000

5&A Dime is a street wear store in downtown San Diego's East Village. They have come a long way since being a small store focusing on the likes of vinyl toys to become one of the best clothing boutiques downtown.

The owner, who I have had the pleasure of meeting, and some of his people have been presented with the opportunity of a life time. They are going to be racing a car through 8 cities in 3 countries (US, NORTH Korea, and China)on 2 continents in the Gumball 3000 Rally. The race is $120K to enter and ends at the Beijing Olympics. They got hooked up with a sweet new Lancer Evo MR which they are adding some slight Mods and some dope gfx to.

(Pic Courtesy of 5&A Dime)

Unfortunately, the sponsorships were not enough to cover the full expenses of the trip (shipping a car from China to the US is a GRIP) and so the team has been forced to give up for auction some prize possessions such as a vintage track bike built by the homies over at Veloculture, some limited run toys, and an ultra rare pair of Wu Tang Dunks. The race starts Friday in San Francisco and should be nuts! From what I have heard, there will be daily updates from the 5&A Dime crew on their blog and word is that there will be daily updates of the race from Hype Beast. So check out the nice cars and nutty race path online, and if you're ever in San Diego, drop by the shop, they carry what's hot, the people are chill, and the owner went above and beyond with the design and concept of the store.