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AD NAUSEUM: Her Morning Elegance

I've been going through my usual I'm-over-hip-hop phase. I'm currently uninterested in the new new that's floating around out there and have either completely immersed myself in other genres or gone back to the classic old love-of-my-life hip hop. Recently, I stumbled onto Oren Lavie's video for "Her Morning Elegance" and since then have been absolutely in love with both the video and song. Maybe it's due to my current state of mind, but the melody invokes a sense of nostalgia. "Her Morning Elegance" was featured in a Chevy Malibu commercial that first aired back in February '08:

According to Oren Lavie's bio, he's never owned a car in his life. Nonetheless, I thought the song was fitting.

Now peep the video, which was released on iTunes on January 20th of this year as the download of the week:

It's become one of my favorite videos. I've probably watched it a dozen times since finding it late Friday night.

The song is off the album The Opposite Side of the Sea (US released 2008). His website includes a brief yet entertaining history of the album, upcoming shows and a "bad reviews" section with Oren's responses to said reviews, which I thought was pretty cool.