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SHAMPWN3D? Vince of Sham WOW caught punchin hookers?

Damnit! say it aint so Vince !!! say it aint soo!!!!! ok... so according to the smoking gun.... my seriously favorite tv infomercial spokes man Vince of Sham Wow, was caught punchin hookers in the face... after this chick straight tried to kiss him and bit onto his tounge and wouldnt let go!!!

i mean damn Vince really? you had to punch her in the face?

well according to the cops they said that they immediately can tell that they were both quite intoxicated and then found about $900ish in the hookers purse.

now it looks like ill have to keeep a close watch on BILLY MAYS ... especially with the release of his gangsta remix .... BILLY MAYS BREAKIN YA BACK BITCH!

"ok you seriously didnt think id post about vince and not post his commercial as well ????


adrian said...

"Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life!


You're gonna have an exciting life!"

"you're gonna love my nuts", pretty funny for a prostitute puncher

mike said...

i sympathize with the guy cause who of us HASN'T punched a hooker or 2.. amirightguys?!