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Damn... Finally? The New Simpsons Show Intro?

Wow... after 19 years? SRSLY? ok... im a cartoon nut.. every night i watch adult swim and the simpsons... its just how i roll.. and fall asleep actually.... Now im watching the new SIMPSONS episode (and if you lost count we are on season 20 episode 431 "How the Test was Won" currently on right now..

and its actually pretty good.
Now will i go as far as saying that the SIMPSONS are back? well.. ill just say that its alot better than i thought it would be... and i think that alone is pretty good for something that is 20 seasons and 400+ episodes in....

Im pretty sure for the rest of my life ill watch cartoons.... which may be good or bad.. who knows... haha..
its pretty trippy to see the simpsons in a whole new light, especially for a retro grouch like myself...

if it aint broke ... dont fix it....

but some may argue that the simpsons was "broke" and well deserving of some fixin". overall im very happy that they decided to go with new graphics, drawings, stories, and intro.... hell even as im writing this... the simpsons have announced some great fortune...

media outlets report that "The Simpsons," television's most famous animated dysfunctional family, is poised to become the United States' longest running prime-time show, US media said Friday.

After more than 450 episodes, the program's creators have been asked Fox, the studio behind the show, to do two more series of antics from Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie, the Hollywood Reporter said.

That would make the series the longest running prime-time program, ahead of the western "Gunsmoke" which ran between 1955 and 1975, it said.

The yellow-tinged cartoon family debuted in 1990 and has long since surpassed "The Flintstones" as the longest running animated series.

Although many other programs have been running for longer, they are largely news and current affairs programs, or shows that air outside prime-time.

Fox said actors responsible for the characters' instantly recognizable voices have agreed to stay on for two more years.
The next series is to begin in September, with at least one more to follow in 2010.

In 2007 a feature film documented the family's exploits to great box office success.