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10 Design Rules of Dieter Rams: What the hell are some of yall thinkin!

(hmm... is IMITATION really the sincerest form of flattery???)

10 Design Rules of Dieter Rams from Braun in the 60's:

• Good design is innovative.
• Good design makes a product useful.
• Good design is aesthetic.
• Good design helps us to understand a product.
• Good design is unobtrusive.
• Good design is honest.
• Good design is durable.
• Good design is consequent to the last detail.
• Good design is concerned with the environment.
• Good design is as little design as possible.

now what kinda self proclaimed "pretentious-cool-guy trendy-hip-new-innovative-design-tech-pop-music-political-social-super-blog" would we be if we didnt pay some type of tribute or homage to one of the great industrial designers of this century ..DIETER RAMS.... and his basic rules of design that every "so-called/wannabe-photoshop-fashion-intrawebz-design-nut" out there should memorized scratch that.... they should have it tattooed on their foreheads! so that every it will always be on their mind!! and shall never forget!!!

now to truly join the elite ranks of those "blogs/websites" truly in the "kNOW" consider this blog entry as our official ... "We have arrived! Sorry we're late!"

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Ok i have a confession to make. I originally had this post geared toward a "design snob hater-ish" type point of view... But as i finished a few rough draft lines and constantly erased and re-written many sentences, phrases, lines, paragraphs etc..

i finally stopped and said to myself... this isnt the way i want this entry to go down...

and instead of just being the usual pretentious "I'm better than you and you suck" kinda blog entry... i want this post to be more of a tribute to great design and just a simple reminder to people that Dieter Rams had it right.... he broke it down very easily for anyone to understand...(KISS) and I believe that great design can come from anywhere and anyone....

I guess id go as far to say that i have a true design fetish... where my daily life is consumed with the obsession of deciphering and understanding what really makes a 'great design' a 'great design'. and only wish that one day the things i design have a spot in this great universe... and wether im at work or at home... i find myself looking at all the great ones who did it before me, sit back and think.. how the hell did they do that? and then look around me... and ask.... what the hell are some yall thinkin??!??

(enjoy some of dieter rams most awesomest things)