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yes, that outfit makes you look fat

yeah you...america. this is why you're fat features audience-generated photos of some of this nation's most coveted and creative treats.

a few of my own personal favorites:

a tantalizing donut sprinkled with succulent bacon bits

a crispy french-fry encased sausage on a stick

and agent mike's personal favorite, the krispy kreme (TM) bacon cheeseburger

**in the works, a collective co-sponsored 'this is why you're fat' potluck. we mean business. (polysaturated fats, velveeta, high fructose corn syrup, bacon, deep fried __________, donuts of all varieties, white carbohydrates, potatoes, any filipino dish, are all encouraged). details coming soon.


mike said...

mmm, bacon.

adrian said...

my heart skipped a beat when I saw this....and not in a good way

dee said...

yesss! let's put the pounds on together... that's real love.

El Keter said...

I'm a fatty and I find every food item on this page disconcerting.