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I Can't Handle 4 More Years Of The Same...

Tonight was the Vice Presidential Debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin. I thought Joe Biden was Strong and Palin held up better than I expected. Random ramblings of off-topic talking points and inappropriate winks aside, the thing that got to me the most about Palin was her use of the word "Nucular."

As a person who works in the science field and would consider myself half-way intelligent, I have cringed every time, in the past 8 years, that Bush has used the word "nucular" instead of the proper word "nuclear." It doesn't help that Bush seems to give a stupid grin whenever he mispronounces a word or misspeaks, but every time he says the word "nucular" he appears even less intelligent (if that's possible). It's one thing to pronounce a word like "potato" differently because of your accent or drawl but when you begin saying "nucular" you are cognitively changing the word and it makes you sound ignorant.

Now while Palin is trying to appeal to Joe 6-pack with her winks and referencing her middle-class status, which is questionable, I strongly believe that it is possible to do this without sounding ignorant. I believe you can be elite enough to run a country and still be able to empathize and understand what the lower-middle class American goes through, whether or not you were in their situation or not.

With Bush, it's been 8 years of no science (in government or schools), actually, more like 8 years of an eradication of any scientific consideration or thought. For me, "nucular" was just the icing on the cake of why I didn't like Bush. 8 year's has been plenty of scientific ignorance, I don't know if I can handle 4 more, the only positive thought that I can think about McCain getting elected is that at least he pronounces the word correctly. That being said...


dee said...

thank. you.

my roommate and i couldn't stand the word "nucular" either!!! =T