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Be sure to eat your (TOKYO) veg

Ever since architecture school, the questioning of the urban fabric is something me and my cohorts do on a daily if not minute basis. What if human kind took a different route to populate square acres of land? Underground? Underwater? And what if we had somehow failed to maintain our quality of life, and let it decay into some sort of magical forest of metal & concrete...oh, let me introduce you to Tokyo Genso...

[Official Tokyo Genso Blog] By showing a present/future/past of the urban Japan, Tokyo Genso suggests a point in time where something has taken over--other than humans. Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, are not spared this horrible future, but are portrayed with vegetation, vines, and decay--and done so beautifully. Nuclear Bomb? Fuel shortage? Zombies? Believe it or not there are places in the world as strange as this, and the web urbanist is a great place to start exploring the eeriness of a world devoid of the human soul. Something about the mix of j-pop, art, manga, architecture & disaster makes this so f-ing cool. Reminds me very much of Tekkon Kinkreet, Akira, and all those damn Macross series' that were spliced and mashed, into what we know as Robotech stateside during the 80's.

Oh, and who doesn't like a little green taking back what it lost. It's so hip these days.

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mike said...

more proof that the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki has profoundly transformed the japanese national psyche even years later. as fucked up as it was, it's resulted in some pretty amazing ideas/culture/art which are simultaneously eerie and beautiful.