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Ok So. Myself and my fellow bloggers/colleagues here  all cycle/bike/ride whatever you wanna call it... Well almost all of us... Except Jan... or maybe Jan but who knows.  But for the most part we like to keep it green like that. So with that said I'm gonna start a new segment here called "RIDEZ REVIEWZ", which will pretty much recap a ride we've gone out and done or something like that. one of them was a week ago with people from Venice and LA riders included groups from "LA FIXED", "WOLFPACK HUSTLE", "MIDNITE RIDAZZ" etc... it was called the Venice Chill Ride.

We all met up at VENICE circle, and we rode from there to Manhattan Beach on the way there, we made a sweet ride thru LAX... yes the actual airport, and then thru LAX tunnel. Check it out. (edit: you can see me in my striped sweater/cycling cap at about 18 secs in the video) 

Venice Chill ride 5/20/08 LAX II from Hernan Montenegro on Vimeo.

Ive been huge in cycling lately and its pretty much taking over my life for the past two years. This Venice Chill ride was awesome. A great experience... If there is ever an opportunity to ride thru Lax again you better believe i will be there. 

Other rides we like to try and frequent are Critical Masses. Now i know what you are thinking, oh god a critical masser right? now hold up, im all about safety and promoting cycling the right way. not wild and reckless, it is possible to do those large rides and help contribute by being an good example of how cycling can help benefit. now yes i agree that sometimes large and somewhat organized/unorganized rides like that just hurt cycling and the whole movement, but lets save that topic for another post.

im here to let you see what my ride was about... thats whats great with the video and pics.. i dont really have to say much.. just soak it in and see for yourself!

here are some pics from the ride.. so enjoy get on your bike and get out there... So here it is. "ridez reviewz" PART 1.... hopefully i can post my 1st SAN DIEGO critical mass, ill try to get some pics and video. 


ron said...

how do i find out about this ride? do they have a website?