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My man Obama had a big day today. Yeah, Hillary will campaign through June. Yeah, she’ll keep playing dirty tricks. But this one is dunzo, kids. Hill needed some big wins in Indiana and NC but got denied.

For months, given the practically insurmountable pledged delegate lead Obama has had on her, the only justification she’s had for staying in the race that is even remotely reasonable (if that) is that she could still take the popular vote and make her case to the superdelegates that she is more electable than Obama in a general election. Though in recent weeks she was able to slow down the Obama steamroller by stoking the flames of Pastorgate and Bittergate, today’s results show that it was clearly not enough. Hillary is 404.

What needs to happen now is that the Obama campaign needs to take control of the tone so that the media starts talking about him as the presumptive nominee (because let’s face it, Hillary… he is .)

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